Our Innovations

Clear-Com is dedicated to innovation--advancing a legacy of professional intercom solutions four decades in the making.  From the industry’s first partyline beltpack to the first advanced digital matrix technology and revolutionary integrated wireless intercom, today Clear-Com brings to market the industry’s first native IP Communications solutions based on the ground-breaking I.V.Core technology.

I.V.Core Technology

Clear-Com’s Instant Voice Core (I.V.Core) is a suite of Internet Protocol (IP) technologies at the heart of all HelixNet and Concert products.
I.V. Core delivers:
• Low latency through the use of an intelligent decision engine that routes only the audio packets containing needed voice information.
• Superb audio quality through the use of wideband CODECS, enabled thanks to a highly optimized design that eliminates multiple encode/decode cycles.
• Encryption, noise-reduction, and error-recovery through proprietary algorithms optimized for human voice characteristics.

Traditional Voice-Over-IP solutions mix and encode audio at the server, consuming valuable IT network resources, reducing audio quality, and adding latency. In contrast, the I.V.Core routes only packets that contain actual voice data, mixing and encoding them just once at the client, thereby delivering a higher quality voice communications experience than ever before possible.

I.V.Core Technology Features
•    Intelligent audio-routing decision engine
•    High quality voice with low latency
•    Voice data redundancy packet loss reconstruction and recovery algorithms
•    Secure and private with AES 128-bit encryption
•    Runs on standard IT networks
•    Low bandwidth: as low as 6kbps to 44 kbps per connection
•    Highly scalable for high volume participants and multi-session conferences

To learn more about this technology, click here to download your copy of the I.V.Core Technology White Paper.

Hybrid Intercom Network

I.V.Core is already fully integrated into Clear-Com IP-based products, delivering IoIP capabilities to new and traditional intercom systems to enable a highly flexible workflow to be achieved within TDM and IP-Server based communication “Hybrid Network”. 

The Hybrid Network is a single communication network comprised of two combined technologies:  Eclipse HX TDM matrix technology and IP-Server based communications. Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX-Median or Eclipse HX-Omega Digital Matrix Systems seamlessly link to native IP-based Concert software-based intercom system or IP-enabled V-Series control panels via the IVC-32, a 32-channel high density IP matrix card. 

By embedding I.V.Core into traditional hardware panels and soft-panels, communication workflow options are endless. Intercom users can leave behind fly packs for special live event broadcasting. Instead, users in an editing suite or at a mobile production truck that already has Internet connectivity can conveniently plug a control panel into any standard Ethernet connection and immediately be connected with the producer and other production crew at head office. Concert allows any local or remote user with a computer, internet and headset to use a Concert soft-panel on their desk to communicate with other Concert users. With the addition of a new high density IP card for its Eclipse HX Matrix range, Clear-Com users can now link into this new network from their traditional (TDM-based) intercom panels or wired/wireless beltpacks.

The Hybrid Network, with the inherent strengths of TDM and the flexibility afforded by I.V.Core, is truly the best of both worlds.

Learn more about Hybrid Network in International Sports Games, download Hybrid Network White Paper