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Introducing the Next Wave in Intercom & Audio Linking

The LQ Series is Clear-Com's latest innovation for extending intercom system to remote locations and for connecting multiple systems together across distances. Have an intercom system installed in one location but simply need to give remote users access to one or two channels from beltpacks? Need to tie two or more different intercom or audio systems together across some distance?
LQ Series is the fast and simple solution to extend or link communication or audio anywhere over secure IP network (LAN, WAN, Internet).

LQ Series is available in a 2-wire (LQ-2W2) or 4-wire (LQ-4W2) option. The LQ-2W2 can connect partylines together for an intercom circuit over IP and is Clear-Com and RTS compatible. Think of it like a mini partyline main station with IP connectivity. The LQ-4W2 connects and routes audio between analog ports of any matrix intercom system, analog telephone circuits, two-way radio gateways and audio consoles. A maximum of six LQ Series devices can be linked together in any 2- or 4-wire combination.

LQ devices are configured using the browser-based Core Configuration Manager, where adjustments to the bandwidth and bitrates or setup of virtual partylines of any 4-wire audio and 2-wire partyline audio can easily be done. The Core Configuration Manager is accessible through the latest version of all the major browsers from any PC, MAC or tablet platforms (iOS and Android compatible).

Connect all intercom systems or user devices to LQ devices. Link the LQ devices using Core Configuration Manager and--voila!--your entire communication system is now networked and ready to go.

Change the way you connect audio and communication systems with Clear-Com's new LQ Series IP interface devices.

LQ Series Product Details

LQ-2W2: 2 Port Partyline LQ-4W2: 2 Port 4-Wire
Using industry standard XLR connectors, the LQ-2W2 is a mini partyline main station with IP connectivity and is Clear-Com and RTS compatible.                                                                                                                          The LQ-4W2 uses professional etherCON connectors to route audio between analog ports of any matrix intercom system, analog telephone circuits, two-way radio gateways and audio consoles.


Features of LQ Series

Network Connectivity

Transport audio and call signaling over LAN, WAN and Internet networks with a wide range of bitrate settings (32 - 128 kps) via  a low-latency, adjustable OPUS audio codec.

Connect any 4-wire audio and 2-wire partyline audio in point-to-point or group audio routing with 12 KHz frequency response. When 2 or more ports are added to a channel, it becomes a virtual partyline (VPL).

Allow users to connect a beltpack locally, without the need of an additional power supply, or connect via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

Core Configuration Manager (CCM)
Browser-based application with intuitive menus for quick setup and configuration editing. Supported by the latest versions of all major browsers on PC, MAC and tablet platforms (iOS and Android compatible).

What People are Saying About LQ Series

"LQ Series is a very relevant product. I'm excited about how it's set apart from other VoIP solutions on the market."
"Audio quality is very good. I really like how good they sound." "Per-port bandwidth configuration is a game changer for us."
"I'm delighted with the sound quality and the ability to change it from low to very high."
"Low-latency is very nice on the higher quality settings. This is a big deal for some customers."
"I really love how great it sounds. I'm not letting this LQ unit out of my hands!" 
"I love the audio quality, the Core Configuration Manager software and port forwarding functions."
"We were impressed how easy it was to configure each device using a tablet and had both devices connected within minutes."


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