What's New

Forward-thinking Intercom and Signal Transport Solutions

Clear-Com is now delivering the most forward-thinking intercoms and signal transport solutions yet. HelixNet® Partyline and ProGrid™ systems bring to the market breakthrough capabilities that really matter to production teams. Do more for your productions than you ever thought possible with Clear-Com.

ProGrid Product Details

Ultra-fast Signal Distribution
Rapidly transport and distribute audio, intercom, video signals and control data over fiber or CAT5. System latency of two samples, 41.6 µs.   

Modular Configuration to Meet Different Needs
47 possible combinations of interconnected audio, intercom and video real-time distribution products that include different I/O options such as Mic inputs, Line I/O, AES, MADI, Four-wire intercom, Sync, Serial and Ethernet.

Real-time and Synchronous
What goes in, comes out unaltered in a continuous stream of data, without buffering, packaging or compression.


HelixNet Partyline Product Details

3x More Users 
Extend HelixNet into more production areas with up to 60 user devices, including the Digital Beltpack, Remote Station and Speaker Station.

Cost-effective Operation  
Save money, labor and time with fewer cables required for setup and system management.

Scalable over Ethernet/IP or Fiber
Grow your system as your needs expand. Link multiple, four-channel HelixNet systems over Ethernet/IP or fiber for more shared channels and users.