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Integrated Communication System (ICS) for Large Vessels

October 6, 2020

It is essential for large ocean-going vessels to have a highly integrated system that provides seamless communications from fixed voice terminals and mobile devices throughout a vessel, along with integration between onboard broadcast, alarms and other associated systems. A flexible... Read more
Tags : Eclipse HX, Encore, FreeSpeak II, Industrial & Critical, Matrix, Marine & Offshore, Partyline, Trilogy Mercury, Wireless, Wired

Multi-Role Vessel Empowers Safety for Critical Operations

October 6, 2020

A versatile, global offshore vessel, equipped with air and saturation diving capabilities and ROV, performs drilling support and subsea construction of oil production platforms. In addition to connecting tie-back cables and installing risers, divers cut pipelines and inspect the seabed.... Read more
Tags : FreeSpeak II, HelixNet, Industrial & Critical, LQ Series, Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas, Wireless
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