Case Studies

Punk’d: Television Production Team Reaches Peak Performance with Flexible Intercoms

October 8, 2012

Clear-Com’s Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix and Encore partyline intercom systems along with Optocore™interfaces fulfilled the Punk’d production team’s strategic imperatives to attain a faster intercom setup, added flexibility, and higher productivity. Case Study EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CUSTOMER: Punk’d (MTV)  Hidden camera reality television series  Millions of... Read more
Tags : Case Study, Eclipse HX, Encore Partyline, V-Series

Ravensbourne: Leading University Sector College Gains a Competitive Advantage

December 13, 2011

Ravensbourne outfits their new broadcast facility with Clear-Com's Eclipse-PiCo, V-Series user control panels, and Concert, helping secure their reputation as a key innovator in and influencer of broadcast education.  Read More EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CUSTOMER: Ravensbourne  1500 students  Digital media, design, and broadcast college ... Read more
Tags : Case Study, Eclipse HX, V-Series

Jacobs Engineering: Voice Communication Solution Optimizes Work Environment for Rotorcraft Testing Team at NASA

September 2, 2011

The Jacobs Engineering Team, contracted by the United States Air Force, relies on Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median frame, V-Series panels, and CellCom wireless beltpacks to maintain contact, coordinate intricate procedures, and streamline operations. Read More EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CUSTOMER: JACOBS ENGINEERING (Contracted by the United States Air Force) • Rotorcraft... Read more
Tags : Case Study, Eclipse HX, V-Series, Wireless

Oasis of the Seas: Entertainment Team Champions Technology for World’s Largest Cruise Line

August 25, 2011

Oasis of the Seas, the largest and most elaborate cruise line of Royal Caribbean International, depends on Clear‐Com’s Eclipse‐Pico digital matrix, Encore partyline, HME DX200 and FreeSpeak wireless system for clear communications as well as efficient and wide collaboration during broadcast and live productions. Read More EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CUSTOMER:... Read more
Tags : Case Study, DX200, Eclipse HX, Encore Partyline, FreeSpeak II, V-Series

Hell’s Kitchen: Sophisticated Intercoms Create Distinctive Production Experience

February 22, 2011

Sophisticated Intercoms Create Distinctive Production Experience Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median digital matrix, ICS-92 and V-Series user control panels, CellCom Integra wireless beltpacks and HME Pro850 wireless systems ensure reliable and simplified communications as well as facilitate expansive and agile coordination for the... Read more
Tags : Case Study, Eclipse HX, V-Series, Wireless
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