Clear-Com’s HelixNet and FreeSpeak II Power Europes Debut of Paramour at Theater Neue Flora

April 28, 2020

Hamburg’s Stage Theater Neue Flora relies on Clear-Com’s® digital wireless solutions supplied by Audio-Technica for the production of Cirque Du Soleil’s new musical, Paramour. The production is an energetic combination of traditional musical elements, circus-like splendor and impressive acrobatics, forged out of the partnership between Cirque Du Soleil and live production company, Stage Entertainment. The musical has already experienced great success on Broadway and is now celebrating its European premiere at one of Germany’s largest stage theaters.

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Customer Story: 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Games: Clear-Com Case Study

October 4, 2017

For clear, reliable and high quality production communication at the 2017 Summer Universiade Games in Taipei, Clear-Com’s integrated Eclipse HX, HelixNet, and FreeSpeak II system was the winning solution for this live event. The Eclipse HX served as the heart of the intercom solution, with V-Series keypanels, the HelixNet digital partyline intercom and 40+ FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks connecting all stationed and mobile production users positioned all over the huge stadium. The solution was supplied, install and operated by Winly, with additional support from The P.A. People (a Clear-Com Global Rental Group Partners).

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Clear-Com Presents: LQ 4 – IP Intercom for Everyone

September 25, 2017

LQ Series are Audio-over-IP interfaces for moving and distributing audio and communications signals to/from one or more communication points depending on configuration. You can network geographically-dispersed audio and communications devices of any brand or technology type over secure LAN, WAN or even the Public Internet. You can also use LQ Series to scale your existing traditional intercom for system expansion and greatly enhance communication with IP capabilities with SIP telephony and mobile apps. LQ Series can now host and connect Agent-IC without the need of a matrix. Effortlessly connect your LQ Series to any 2-wire or 4-wire intercom channels across an IP network to instantly expand your intercom solution. With the LQ Series it is possible to expand your Clear-Com Encore analog partyline, HelixNet digital partyline, and other brands of partyline systems with an affordable IP communications solution with Agent-IC mobile app. LQ Series: now IP truly can be for everyone!

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Customer Story: Arcadia Spectacular uses FreeSpeak II and HelixNet at Glastonbury 2017

July 6, 2017

Arcadia Spectacular 2017 at Glastonbury wrapped up on 25th June, and it left audiences around the world breathless, offering a unique, immersive multi-media experience featuring fireballs, lasers and aerial performances. With so many special effects and aerial performances, safety is paramount. Without clear, concise communication the production team wouldn’t be able to operate in a safe way. The show’s technical team relied on Clear-Com solutions to ensure constant communication across the wide and extremely loud set.

Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II wireless intercom system linked to a HelixNet digital network partyline intercom system, with around 20 FreeSpeak II beltpacks and 25 HelixNet beltpacks, converged into one overall system to connect the entire production team. The system was used with two different modes: the ‘performance show mode’ was primarily led by the showcaller, while the second mode allowed each department to have its own separate and private group on the system, including the flame team, management team and performance teams.

“From my time in the industry, Clear-Com has been rock-solid through corporate, rock and roll and theatre, so it was the only choice to go with,” Tim Smith, Technical Production Manager for Arcadia Spectacular. “There was no-one else really to compare.”

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