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Clear-Com Wins Technology & Engineering Emmy Award

Recipient of the
Technology & Engineering Emmy Award
The Belt Pack: Distributed Amplifier Systems in Live Production

Panorama Audiovisual Awards 2013 for Best Intercom System (HelixNet Partyline)

TV Technology STAR Award 2013 (Tempest Line Extender)

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Live broadcasting is about delivering the highest quality programming, instantly and on cue. As viewers' expectations of broadcasting change, your production communication becomes increasingly more critical - there is no second take.

Managing a busy broadcast schedule requires coordination between the newsroom, production control room, electronic news gathering area, master control and studio, and mobile units, making reliable communications a must. Clear-Com has the industry experience, knowledge, and intercom systems to help you make this possible.

Technical Resources: Case Studies, Application Diagrams, Videos and White Paper
Learn how different products connect with one another to provide an effective communications infrastructure. These case studies, application diagrams and white paper are proven examples of how Clear-Com has successfully enabled customers to have clear and reliable communications for applications of any size and complexity.

Case Studies

Punk'd: Television Production Team Reaches Peak Performance with Flexible Intercoms 
Clear-Com’s Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix and Encore partyline intercom systems along with Optocore™ interfaces fulfilled the Punk’d production team’s strategic imperatives to attain a faster intercom setup, added flexibility, and higher productivity.

Hell's Kitchen: Sophisticated Intercoms Create Distinctive Production Experience
Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median digital matrix, ICS-92 and V-Series user control panels, CellCom Integra wireless beltpacks and HME Pro850 wireless systems ensure reliable and simplified communications as well as facilitate expansive and agile coordination for the production team of Hell’s Kitchen, a crowd-pleasing reality television show featured on the FOX network.

Ravensbourne uses Clear-Com at their new broadcast facility
Ravensbourne: Leading University Sector College Gains a Competitive Advantage
Ravensbourne outfits their new broadcast facility with Clear-Com's Eclipse-PiCo, V-Series user control panels, Tempest2400, and Concert, helping secure their reputation as a key innovator in and influencer of broadcast education.

Application Diagrams

Create an AutoCAD system diagram with the following product icons:

Application Videos

Broadcast Control Room
Watch this video to see how the Eclipse HX matrix systems, HME DX210 wireless intercom and Concert intercom-over-IP solution are being used in a typical broadcast control room.

Mobile Production Truck (OB), Sports and Special Events
This application video discusses the communications setup, which includes the Optocore interfaces, for mobile trucks during sports and event production.

Stand-up (News)
This video shows how the Eclipse HX matrix and Clear-Com Concert enable broadcast communication between studio staff and the remote crew.

Studio (Wireless)
This application video explains how the Tempest2400 wireless intercom with Seamless Roaming enhances production communications at studios. 

White Paper

Hybrid Network White Paper on Sports Production
This Clear-Com white paper demonstrates how IP communication overcomes traditional problems at massive sports installation venues and also discusses what to consider when deciding Intercom-Over-IP (IoIP) approach for successful and spectacular large events, making reference to specific use-cases of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Featured Industry News Articles

Getting Hip to the World of AoIP (by Pro Sound News Europe)
"Audio-over-IP is not only becoming the basis for transmitting and distributing sound in a wide range of situations, it is bringing once disparate areas together," says Kevin Hilton of PSNE. He reports on how intercom companies have designed systems based on the AoIP format.
Read Article on pages 28-29 to get up-to-date on Clear-Com's latest IP-based intercom solutions.

Compact and bijou OB
(TVB Europe)
Studiotech has built a new DSNG/OB vehicle to provide customers with hands-on experience using a wide range of new technologies. Included in this new vehicle are Clear-Com's intercom systems.
Read Article (pages 42-44) on the purpose of this van and also find out what systems are installed inside it.

From Stage to Your Stereo at the Festival
(Professional Sound)
CBC did a live stream of the Festival by videotaping all the content and airing it on radio and television as well as online as podcasts and streaming and downloadable content. To record the content, CBC had deployed its mobile recording trucks, which had Clear-Com's HME DX wireless intercoms.
Read Article (pages 34-37) on CBC's broadcast production at the event.

Speaking of Communication
(TVB Europe)
In TVB Europe's latest industry forum, Philip Stevens discussed current studio and broadcast communications issues with several industry experts, including Simon Browne, Clear-Com's Director of Product Management.
Read Article to discover what broadcasting communication challenges exist and how 'the cloud' plays a part.

Studiotech Goes Compact for OB
(TVB Europe)
Melanie Dayasena-Lowe, Editor of TVB Europe, traveled to Paris to visit one of Studiotech's new compact OB production vehicles dedicated to the African broadcast market.
Read Article to see what she had to say regarding the OB van's installation, which includes Clear-Com.

Intercoms and Talkbacks
Intercoms and talkbacks are among the most important elements of any studio activity, converting disparate members of a production crew into a single team.
Read Article to find out what the latest developments are in these categories.

Clear-Com Connects News Operations at KMOV-TV
(by TV Technology)
KMOV originates local morning, noon, evening, and late-evening newscasts, along with an hour long late-morning talk/lifestyle show every weekday. Managing this busy broadcast schedule requires coordination between the newsroom, production control room, ENG area, master control and studio, making reliable communications a must.
Read Article to understand how Clear-Com's Eclipse-Omega matrix intercom and CellCom wireless intercom enable KMOV-TV to carry out its operations.

QSC, A-T, Clear-Com and DAS win for Obama
(by Pro Sound News Europe)
Equipment from Clear-Com played a key role in enabling re-elected US president Barack Obama to deliver his message to American voters.
Read Article about how Clear-Com's Eclipse Median, HelixNet Partyline and Tempest®2400 helped the production team at the four debate locations.

London Calling: Flexibility Key in Talkback Technology
(by TV Technology)
At a big event with dozens of venues such as the London Games, flexibility ranks right up there with quality and reliability in the “must have” troika needed in a supporting technology.
Read Article to find out how Clear-Com's flexible intercom solutions provided communications to the London Summer Games.

London Calling: Tonnage & Technology (by TV Technology)
The nature of big event productions is a bidding, planning and prep phase that lasts a few years, followed by an intense few weeks of “delivery,” followed by a rather rapid tear down. What remains is an expanded equipment infrastructure for many contractors and, more importantly, the experience.
Read Article
to understand how Clear-Com's channel partners were able to successfully support the London Summer Games with Clear-Com intercom systems.

London Calling: Clear-Com Supplies Venue Intercoms (by TV Technology)
Sometimes it’s called comms. Sometimes intercoms. In London, it’s talkback. Whatever you call it, instant, reliable communication is key for the smooth operation of a sports venue.
Read Article
to learn about the intercom systems that Clear-Com provided for use at all the 2012 London Olympics sports venues.

The Need for Coordinating License-free devices in the 2.4 GHz band (by Broadcast Engineering)
The term license-free is often misperceived to mean that interference is impossible. The reality is that frequency coordination is needed to allow the maximum use of as many devices as possible without interfering with each other.
Read Article written by Clear-Com's Global Rental Group Director, Larry Estrin

Intercom for Sports Production (by TV Bay)
The best kind of intercom system is one that works so well that it only takes a button or two to push when communication is required. Because of how quality intercom systems simplify communication, it is one of the broadcast industry’s most undervalued technologies. However, it is absolutely essential to a successful broadcast, especially in the fast-moving world of sports production.
Read Article written by Clear-Com's Application Engineer, Rom Rosenblum.

Current Options in Production Communication Systems
(by ProSoundWeb)
There are many options in production communcation systems including partyline, digital matrix, digital wireless intercoms and virtual intercoms. 
Read Article to learn more about these different technologies.


Customer Stories

Radio Televisión de Galicia Installs Extensive New Clear-Com Intercom

PBS Malta Chooses Clear-Com for New Creativity Hub
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"Based on our experience with Clear-Com products during the 2008 Olympics Games and recent discussions about our new projects, we believe Clear-Com is the right system to form the communications backbone for CCTV.”
- Yang Sheng, Project Manager, Intercom Systems, CCTV


 "The combination of the Eclipse digital matrix with V-Series panels and CellCom systems gives us a tremendous amount of communications flexibility, making it much less stressful to manage the various tasks that go into a typical episode of Hell’s Kitchen."
-Tony Gonzales, Engineer, Hell’s Kitchen


 "Clear-Com’s flexible and reliable linking capabilities, including its ability to connect with OB vans via trunking, are a plus for our customers. Plus, its new V-Series panels offer unique features that are important for OB van users, including the ability to replay conversations.”
-Jose María Alvarez, Director of the Department of Broadcast Systems, Aicox Sistemas

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