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Whether you're producing a service or trouble-shooting an audio problem with someone in a different site, having a solid and flexible intercom system makes a world of a difference. As house of worship become more sophisticated with their audio and video equipment, planning each service requires a tremendous amount of coordination and communication across the production team - the audio team, lighting team, video team and stagehands. Clear-Com intercom solutions can help make this happen more effectively.

 Technical Resources: Case Study and Application Diagrams
Learn how different products connect with one another to provide an effective communications infrastructure. These application diagrams and case study are proven examples of how Clear-Com has successfully enabled customers to have clear and reliable communications for applications of any size and complexity.

Case Study

Hope Community Church: House of Worship Prepared for Growth with Wireless Coverage and Mobility
Clear-Com's Tempest®2400 provided Hope Community Church's Raleigh Campus with a complete, end-to-end wireless communication solution that spanned the entire facility. The capabilities of the Tempest wireless intercom system have empowered the technical staff to take greater ownership of worship services, ensuring the most engaging, high quality productions for the fast growing community.

Application Diagrams

Create an AutoCAD system diagram with the following product icons:

Application Video

House of Worship Application Video

Learn more about how the Eclipse HX matrix intercom and HelixNet Partyline system are being used for a house of worship in this application video.
Featured Industry News Articles

Audio Review: Clear-Com CC-300 Intercom Headset (by Church Production)
According to Mark Hanna, Video Director of Hope Community Church, Clear-Com's new CC-300 headset is "really smart" and "comfortable to wear for long perios of time".
Read Article to find out what else he had to say about the CC-300 headset and why it is the first headset that he has ever really liked.

Multiplication of a Multi-Campus Ministry
(by Church Production)
Christ Fellowship of Palm Beach Gardens has a ministry that serves over 16,000 people at five South Florida campuses. Nearly 10,000 people each week also visit the virtual campus through live video streaming. One of the main reasons for the success and growth of Christ Fellowship is thoughtful planning and careful implementation of technology to support a growing infrastructure.
Read Article about how the church uses technology, such as Clear-Com's Encore Partyline intercoms, to help its congregation grow.

Grace Family Church Preps for Multi-site Application
(by Sound and Communication)
Grace Family Church turned to Mankin Media Systems to establish a video venue in its existing sanctuary as the church was preparing to conduct services at other campuses in the future. In addition to the video installation, some audio elements were also critical to the upgrade. The church installed Clear-Com's wireless intercom system to facilitate communications between the technical team.
Read Article to get the full story on how Grace Family Church prepares for its multi-site application.

First Baptist Church Builds Impressive AV Capability
(by IT/AV Report)
The First Baptist Church in Dallas TX, which has held worship services at the same location since 1890, has spent $130 million on its new downtown worship center and second hi-rise building that looks to revitalize the city of Dallas, as well as the church's ministry. Clear-Com's intercom systems were installed at the worship center to enable communiction between the production team members for the coordination of services and events.
Read Article on the successful system integration.

Audio Review: Clear-Com Tempest2400 for House of Worship
(by Church Production)
Mark Hanna, Video Director at Hope Community Church, does a product review of Clear-Com's 2.4GHz Tempest2400 digital wireless intercom system.
Read Article to learn what Hanna had to say about how Tempest provided untethered communications throughout the church.

Hope Springs Eternal (by Pro-Audio Central)
Singapore’s Hope Church moved into its brand new premises in the Textile Centre on Jalan Sultan. The new facility consists of an auditorium which can accommodate 1,400 people, and two smaller multi-purpose halls, each of which can accommodate 200 people. The staff at the new venue keep in contact with Clear-Com's Encore partyline and HME DX210 wireless intercoms.
Read Article on the church's impressive audio, video and lighting installation.

Clear-Com's HelixNet Partyline Wins WFX New Product Technology Award (by WFX)
The WFX New Product Technology Awards, presented by Church Production Magazine, Worship Facilities Magazine and Worship Facility Designer Magazine, are the most comprehensive audio, video, lighting and new media product awards in the house of worship market. Clear-Com's HelixNet Partyline intercom system won the New Product Technology Award in the Best Other Audio Product category.
Read Article about the impact and benefits that the HelixNet Partyline brings to the church market.

Why Use Intercom? (by Technologies for Worship Magazine)
Bob Boster discusses the factors for house of worship facilities to consider before making the leap to intercom.
Read Article to find out what Boster has to say about cost, communication requirements, and infrastructure before selecting an intercom system.

Keeping Connected: Intercom Solutions for Multi-site Facilities (by Technologies for Worship Magazine)
Today, there are more than 2,000 multi-site houses of worship across North America. With more church gatherings at separate sites, each location has a unique congregation and cultural environment which calls for specific requirements. Typical obstacles include the manner in which the service is presented as well as how parking, security and ministries are managed. With all the additional hurdles, communication has become increasingly complex as each site requires a specialized intercom solution tailored to its needs.
Read Article to find out several situations that a multi-site church might face and the intercom solutions that would be appropriate.

Intercoms for Worship: How to Choose the Right One (by Technologies for Worship Magazine)
The recent influx of digital, wireless and now IP technology for intercoms has introduced a staggering number of options, making it quite the challenge to choose the right one. That being said, taking the time to not only research the needs of your church, but also reading up on the basics of intercoms, will make the task a little less tedious.
Read Article on the importance of intercom and how to select the best one for your church production needs.

Intercom 101: What to Know Before You Start Your Installation (by Technologies for Worship Magazine)
Setting up an intercom system for the first time in a worship facility can seem overwhelming, even for the most seasoned technical staff member. The advent of digital, wireless and now IP technology for intercoms has flooded the marketplace with a plethora of solutions, making it somewhat challenging to determine which will be the right fit for your space.
Read Article to gain a solid understanding of what intercom is, what makes it the right tool for professional communications and what to consider before installation.


Customer Stories

Clear-Com Enhances Production Communications at Hope Community Church

Eastside Christian Church Sings The Praises of Clear-Com Intercom Systems
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“For me to not be tied to one place by a piece of cable is definitely a win. Also, we have two camera operators moving on stage, so a wireless intercom made sense to minimize the amount of cables that those guys were tethered to there. Tempest gives us the reliability we need for cues to be heard while providing us with the option to easily and effortlessly change the setup when needed.”
 - Bob Blair, Technical Director, Hope Community Church

“Our video is in an attic, up a spiral staircase, the booth is on the main floor, and there are offices that wrap around the stage area, as well as in separate buildings. Clear-Com’s Eclipse and Tempest intercom systems work very well with this setup. Their ease-of-use, flexibility and expandability have reduced distractions and improved efficiency for the production staff.”
- Chris Gille, Chief Systems Engineer, Eastside Christian Church
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