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From the critical hours of pre-show production to each second of the actual performance, your production team needs to execute with precision. Having dependable and coordinated communications is a critical success factor for any size show.

As the inventor of the first distributed beltpacks and partyline systems since 1968, Clear-Com customers around the world continue to recognize us as the industry-standard for providing high quality professional intercom systems. Today, the Clear-Com partyline intercom systems, including our more advanced matrix and expanded offerings of wireless intercom systems, deliver flawless performances on-stage and off-stage.

Technical Resources: Case Studies and Application Diagrams
Learn how different products connect with one another to provide an effective communications infrastructure. These application diagrams and case studies are proven examples of how Clear-Com has successfully enabled customers to have clear and reliable communications for applications of any size and complexity.
Case Studies

Alley Theatre: Theatre Production Team Transforms Workflow with Flexible Wireless intercom System
With Clear-Com’s Encore partyline and CellCom wireless intercom system, Alley Theatre strengthens teamwork, streamlines workflow, and takes their already superb productions to an even higher level of excellence.

Oasis of the Seas: Entertainment Team Champions Technology for World's Largest Cruise Line
The largest and most elaborate cruise line of Royal Caribbean International depends on Clear‐Com’s Eclipse‐Pico digital matrix, Encore partyline, HME DX200 and FreeSpeak wireless system for clear communications as well as efficient and wide collaboration during broadcast and live productions.
Application Diagrams

Create an AutoCAD system diagram with the following product icons:

Application Video

Performing Arts Center Application Video
This video demonstrates how the Eclipse HX-Delta matrix intercom and Tempest2400 wireless system are being employed for productions at a performing arts center.
Featured Industry News Articles and Video

Gazillion Bubble Show (by Mondo DR)
Featured at the New World Stages theatre, the Gazillion Bubble Show (GBS) was created with spellbinding lasers, spectacular lighting effects, and jaw-dropping masterpieces of bubble artistry to dazzle the audience. The production team chose Clear-Com's Tempest®900 wireless intercom to coordinate the show.
Read Article on what made the Tempest900 the ideal intercom for the GBS.

Logic Systems Sound & Lighting Employs HelixNet Partyline
(by Front of House)
Logic Systems, a 2013 Hometown Hero Regional Sound Honoree for the Midwest, has grown tremendously and expanded its inventory to include lots of new equipment.
Read Article on what Chip Self, President and Owner of Logic Systems, thinks of his new HelixNet Partyline.

Putting Clear-Com's FreeSpeak through Its Paces at The Welsh National Opera

(by Orbital Sound)
The Welsh National Opera (WNO) had taken delivery of its new Clear-Com FreeSpeak wireless intercom system.
Read Article about how the system has been working for Head of Lighting and Sound, Ian Jones.

Optocore and Clear-Com at the U.S. Open (by
Optocore was chosen by Audio Incorporated to provide X6R-FX-INTERCOM devices for the communication systems, which included Clear-Com's Encore partyline, used during this year’s U.S. Open opening ceremonies held at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
Read Article on how and why the systems were used at the event. 

Clear-Com HelixNet is Crystal Clear (Lighting and Sound International)
Crystal Productions, a Sydney-based AV Production and event company, required an updated communications system to maintain its technical capabilities.
Read Article about why Clear-Com's HelixNet Partyline was the clear winner for the company's communication needs.

Ovation Hall Revs Up
(by Sound and Communications)
The Revel Resort and Casino's Ovation Hall, a 5,500 seat amphitheater, had to give the casino the flexibility to host a wide range of entertainment types, from music concerts to circus extravaganzas, all while on a budget.
Read Article on how this was achieved through the installion of Meyer sound systems and Clear-Com's intercoms.

Orbital Sound Installs Clear-Com HelixNet Partyline at Royal Albert Hall
(by Audio Pro International)
Orbital Sound, Clear-Com's UK distributor in the Live Event/Live Performance market, has installed a Clear-Com HelixNet digital network partyline intercom system at the Royal Albert Hall.
Read Article about why Clear-Com's intercom solution was selected.

Clear-Com: Problem Solver at 2013 Hangout Music Fest
Clear-Com's HME DX210 wireless intercom was used by the John Lennon Bus production team as well as students from the University of Alabama and McGill Toolen Catholic High School at the 2013 Hangout Music Festival in Alabama. Watch the video below to get an in-depth look into one of the best benefits of utilizing any Clear-Com system: problem solving!

Geek Girl Interviews Bob Boster about CC-300 Headset
Judith Rogow, the Producer of "Geek Girl" on the KKYT radio station (The Coyote 93.7), thinks that the CC-300 is "the most comfortable headset" that she has ever worn and that she "loves it". She interviewed Bob Boster, Clear-Com's President, about Clear-Com and the CC-300 single muff headset.
Listen here to tune into the full interview!

Dallas City Performance Hall
(by Mondo DR)
The Dallas City Performance Hall (DCPH) is a multi-disciplinary center that brings to the Dallas Arts District a broad range of cultural performances and events by a growing group of small and midsize cultural organizations. The main feature of City Performance Hall is its 748 seat proscenium theatre. It is designed with a floating balcony, adjustable proscenium arch, LED curtain, and has Clear-Com installed!
Read Article highlighting the full installation at this impressive performance hall.

Masque Sound Bows at Lincoln Center's New Claire Tow Theater
(by Stage Directions)
Lincoln Center’s newest space, the Claire Tow Theater, is a 112-seat space that’s built on the roof of the Beaumont theatre as part of its LCT3 initiative—a space dedicated to new works by new artists, with affordable tickets. Yorke Construction was in charge of building the space, and Masque Sound worked closely with them (and design firm JaffeHolden and Tri-State AV union electricians).
Read Article about the installation of the audio equipment, which included Clear-Com.

Super Bowl Audio Crew Gets Another Wireless Assist from PWS
(by FOH Online)
Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) partnered with ATK Audiotek and Versacom for the Super Bowl  between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers in the New Orleans Superdome. Clear-Com's HME Pro850 wireless intercoms ensured an interference-free show and that all activities went as planned.
Read Article on how the crew pulled off the productions at the big game.

Masque Sound Hits the Right Note with AV Installation at Lincoln Center's Newest Theater
(by Stage Directions)
Lincoln Center’s newest space, the Claire Tow Theater, is a 112-seat space that’s built on the roof of the Beaumont theatre as part of its LCT3 initiative—a space dedicated to new works by new artists, with affordable tickets. Yorke Construction was in charge of building the space, and Masque Sound worked closely with them to install the audio equipment, which included Clear-Com.
Read Article on Lincoln Center's expansion and new installation.

Clear-Com Tempest Making Life Easier For The P.A. People
(by Jands)
The P.A. People have been discovering the benefits of their Clear-Com Tempest Wireless Intercom System on a couple of recent major gigs: Sydney New Year's Eve Celebrations and the 'How To Train Your Dragon' Australian / New Zealand and US tour.
Read Article to find out how Clear-Com's intercom solution benefited the P.A. People in these gigs.

John Lennon Bus Coordinates Live Broadcasts with Clear-Com at SXSW 2013
At SXSW, the crew from the John Lennon Bus interviewed a variety of artists and well-known guests on the John Lennon Bus. These interviews were shown live over the internet via satellite. Clear-Com's HME DX210 two-channel wireless intercom system played a critical role in making the productions possible.

Set Free
(by Sound and Communications)
At the Iceploration Show in Busch Gardens' Moroccan Palace theater, ice skating, multimedia, puppetry and aerial acrobatic come together to tell the story of a teenager and his grandfather as they set out on a journey around the globe. With the help of Clear-Com's Encore partyline system, the production team was able to effortlessly pull off the show.
Read Article to understand how team at Busch Garden created a transformative experience.

All That Jazz
(by Sound and Communications)
Jazz is taken quite seriously in New Orleans. That's why the addition of a music performance venue on the third floor of the Old US Mint last year was not undertaken lightly. A joint venture between the state and the Federal Interior Department, the new Jazz Theater is located just steps from New Orleans' Frenchmen Street entertainment district, and is co-curated by Preservation Hall and the Louisiana State Museum. Clear-Com's Encore partyline systems were used by the technical crew to communicate and manage events and performances at the venue.
Read Article on the equipment design behind the unique Jazz venue.

Intercoms on Set
(by HD Video Pro)
Mel Lambert of HDVideoPro discusses the importance of intercoms and IFB systems in productions.
Read Article on Lambert has to say about how to keep in touch with the production crew.

Current Options in Production Communication Systems
(by ProSoundWeb)
There are many options in production communcation systems including partyline, digital matrix, digital wireless intercoms and virtual intercoms. 
Read Article to learn more about these different technologies.

Gear Review of Clear-Com's HME DX210 Wireless Intercom
(by Stage Directions)
Richelle Thompson of Theatreface discusses her positive experience using Clear-Com's HME DX210 wireless system.
Read Article on her full gear review.

Bridging the Communications Gap: Clear-Com Intercoms at RPIs Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
(by Lighting and Sound America)
Given its dual role as performance space and broadcast-capable facility, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center(EMPAC) was designed to support a variety of activities going on in the facility at any one time. This, in turn, influenced the setup of intercom and other AV systems in the building.
Read Article to learn how Clear-Com's intercom solution resolved all of EMPAC's communication needs.

Customer Stories

Calgary Stampede Selects Clear-Com Intercom Systems for The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

Warsaw's Grand Theatre and National Opera Extends Clear-Com Intercom Systems with FreeSpeak Wireless
More Stories

"We found the Clear-Com system to be very straightforward to use, which is important when it comes to coordinating an event of this size (Diamond Jubilee). The Eclipse Median systems and V-Series panels were easy to set up and we didn’t have to spend much time training people to use them. The systems worked very well for us.”
-Phil Kidd, Project and Comms Manager
, Delta Sound


 "Clear communication is vital for us to carefully coordinate the moving scenery and other components involved in our events.Communications with the Tempest2400 is reliable, secure, and interference-free, enhancing safety for us all.”
- Tom Jones, Audio Supervisor and Resident Sound Designer, San Diego Repertory Theatre


"We just used the Clear-Com HME DX210 along with the High Point Theatre’s Encore partyline for our annual production of A Christmas Carol and it was amazing. It was simple to get them up and running right away."
- Tim Kottyan, Technical Director, Festival Stage of Winston-Salem and North Carolina Shakespeare Festival

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