Large-Scale Corporate Events Rely on Clear-Com Intercom Solutions

March 16, 2017

FreeSpeak II and HelixNet facilitate clear communications among production teams for high profile corporate events

Clear-Com®, the leader in real-time communication solutions, announced today that its FreeSpeak II wireless intercom systems and HelixNet digital partyline solutions installed by Blitz, one of the UK’s leading audio visual equipment providers, were instrumental in the success of recent large-scale events for international corporations. 
Blitz, a long-time user of Clear-Com systems, invested in a HelixNet system in late 2015 as well as a FreeSpeak II system in November 2016. Both systems were purchased from Amber Sound, Clear-Com’s authorized reseller. 
The Blitz team worked with its client, Salesforce, on the company’s World Tour Series in 2016, which comprised a series of large-scale conferences in Hannover, London and Paris. At each venue, Blitz installed two HelixNet main stations with 40 beltpacks and a FreeSpeak II base station supporting 20 beltpacks, allowing the production team to connect across multiple channels on every pack.
“Having a wireless intercom system was critical for this event, as the producer was roaming throughout the venue and needed to be aware of what was happening at all times,” said Peter Russell, Project Manager, Blitz. “The wifi requirement of the delegates at an event like this is huge, so being able to operate on the 1.9Ghz frequency was very useful to keep our comms separate.”
The award-winning FreeSpeak II was also implemented by Blitz at a high profile event at Cannes Lions for a leading multinational internet services organisation. The event took place on the beach, with a presentation stage hosting demos throughout the event. 
Russell added, “We used a five-way FreeSpeak system to coordinate the presentations and keep them running smoothly. As well as providing pristine audio over IP, the rugged nature of the FreeSpeak II beltpacks was essential for our beach location, to avoid damage from sand or salty air.”
He concluded, “In all the time I’ve been using Clear-Com systems, I’ve never encountered a fault with anything – the kit works hard but is always reliable. We stake our reputation on everything working smoothly every time, so Clear-Com is the only choice of communications equipment for our clients.” 
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