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Eclipse HX

The Eclipse HX (Eclipse HyPerformX) systems, including the EHX Configuration Software (EHX), are the world's most advanced digital matrix intercoms. Building on the powerful Eclipse platform,the new Eclipse HX range offers high performance for implementing changes to the system rapidly and easily. Leveraging the existing core hardware design, Eclipse HX allows a seamless transition to the new range.

*Up to 64 local and/or remote Eclipse HX frames can be intelligently trunked over Ethernet/IP
*A spare IVC-32-HX card functions as a hot redundant backup for one or more IVC-32-HX cards in the same frame
*All V-Series panels can support the Arabic language and allow operators to toggle between two pre-defined languages on the panel

HX System Frames
Eclipse HX system frames provide an ultra-fast, flexible and scalable foundation for point-to-point and conference communications, supporting thousands of user connections on a networked, 64-matrices system.
HX User Panels
The most advanced user control panels on the market deliver unmatched features, functionality, audio quality and performance. All Clear-Com V-Series panels are compatible with the Eclipse HX systems and are available in pushbutton, lever or rotary key form.
HX Interface Modules
Eclipse HX interface modules establish a variety of connections from the matrix frame to third-party devices.
HX Interface Cards
High density, high performance, and high reliability interface cards allow the Eclipse HX-Omega, Eclipse HX-Median and Eclipse HX-Delta to establish intelligent connections.
HX Interface Frames
One to 3RU rack-mountable interface frames offer a practical way to hold interface modules and directly connect external audio sources to the Eclipse HX systems.
EHX Software
Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX) provides administrators and operators with an easy and intuitive means to configure an entire Eclipse HX network. Its graphical view of features such as operator panels configuration, control logic configuration and system resource utilization allow efficient system setup and maintenance.
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