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The HBP-2X is a rugged and ergonomically designed 2-channel digital partyline beltpack. A beltpack can have access to two of any four system channels over a single shielded twisted-pair cable.

HBP-2X Beltpack Highlights

  • Channel Density. Similar to a source assignment panel, a single cable gives every connected beltpack the capacity to access all four system channels.
  • Selectable Channels. The full-duplex, 2-channel beltpack can select up to two of the available four system channels and access program audio, each with individual level control.
  • Save Resources. Networked audio is distributed over a single, shielded twisted pair, reducing the number of cables to yield time and cost savings.
  • Passively Interconnection. Beltpacks can be set up in daisy-chain or star configurations with no need for active split boxes.
  • Clear-Com Sound: Legendary contoured audio frequency response provides maximum intelligibility and exceptional sound quality.
  • Efficient Administration. System configuration and firmware upgrades are centrally managed from the main station.
  • Intuitive Operations. Present logical channel labels on the high-contrast, 10-character OLED display.
  • Effortless Navigation. Optimally positioned buttons and volume knobs are easy to locate, identify and control on the beltpack.
  • Highly Durable. Fabricated from lightweight cast aluminum, the beltpack is able to endure the rigors of intensive applications.
  • Mounting Flexibility. Sturdy beltclip, rubber bumpons and integrated strap guide offer useful mounting options.

  • Two channel beltpack
  • Power and Audio over a Single Cable
  • Program Audio with Separate Program Level Control
  • User-Facing Keyset Controls
  • Recessed Level Rotary Knob Controls
  • Push-button Menu Access
  • Integrated Mounting-strap Strap Guide
  • Tabletop Resting Supports
  • USB Micro-AB Port
  • XLR Lock Release
  • Cast Aluminum Alloy Case
  • High-resolution, Large Format OLED Display (Up to 10 Characters for Unique Labels)
  • Visual and Vibrating Call Alerts
  • Ridge Guide for Tactile Navigation and Mechanical Protection
  • XLR-4M Headset Jack (5-Pin Option)
  • 2.5 mm TRS Headset Jack
  • XLR-3F Intercom Line
  • XLR-3M Intercom Pass-through (Daisy-chain) 


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