ICON Connectivity Solutions for Linking Voice Communications Systems

ICON is a collection of communications products that link local or geographically distributed intercom terminals and end-points together. ICON Connectivity Solutions operate over Ethernet/IP networks and/or optical fiber links.

ICON Solutions, which stands for "Intercom CONnectivity Solutions," provide reliable and secure connections, deliver high performance on common infrastructures, and are cost-effective for scalable multi-system networks. They are compatible with Clear-Com and also other third-party intercom systems.

Key Features of ICON Systems:

  • Potentially extends intercom globally
  • Secure network connections
  • Tolerant to network outages
  • Adaptable to network quality and bandwidth
  • Work well with commonly available infrastructure
  • Provide administration tools for diagnostics and monitoring

ICON Solution Products






Ideal For



Server hardware equipped with 8 duplex 4-wire audio ports and pre-loaded with Concert Server software. Includes breakout to 16 XLRs (8 I/O Outputs).

4-wire at end points

Large scale, distributed intercom connectivity, especially over LAN, WAN, and Internet

Ideal markets: Corporate, MAG, Multi-site Broadcast Studio

Sample diagram


4-channel, Ethernet/ IP Interface, 1RU, for extending intercom audio communications to remote sites over IP networks (LAN, WAN, Internet).

4-wire and/or Panel data at end points

Point-to-point or less-than-5-site connectivity.

Ideal markets: Churches, Broadcast Studio to Remote Production, Education, Corporate

Sample diagram



Optocore® 8-port (4 V3R) channel intercom fiber interface with two SANE CAT5 network ports and Optocore Multi-Mode LC Fiber interface.

Dual LAN


SANE network uses CAT5

Local fiber or fiber & ethernet connectivity, especially when linked with audio distribution.

Ideal markets: Campuses, Churches, Education, Corporate, Medical; Broadcast Remote Production

Optocore LAN Sample diagram

Optocore Fiber Sample diagram

FIM-202D 2-port matrix frame to/from panel or module fiber interface (dual fiber run required). Can be used for one or two audio connections over fiber.   4-wire and/or Panel data at end points

Local point-to-point fiber only.

Ideal markets: Military, Aerospace, Government, Broadcast, Small campuses, Churches, Education, Medical.

Sample diagram
Eclipse® Frame-to-Frame Wide variety of interface options including E-Fib,  4-wire, 2-wire, radios, MADI, E1, T1, and IVC32 Ethernet /IP Various Card options

Highly integrated connectivity and intercom capabilities, over multiple connectivity options.

Ideal markets: Corporate, Military, Aerospace, Government, Multi-site Broadcast Studio

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