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Analog Partyline Intercom

Clear-Com Encore™ Partyline Systems offer unsurpassed 2-wire, group communication capabilities. This platform offers an intuitive plug-and-play design, superior audio clarity with the embedded “Clear-Com Sound”, and reliable communication technology for the most demanding applications. Trusted by thousands of audio experts around the world, Clear-Com Encore analog partyline systems are the communication backbone in theatres, schools, local broadcast stations, churches and other small to mid-size live productions.

Main Stations
Two- or four- channel rack-mount or portable main stations for talk, listen and call operations with built-in fail-safe power supply, internal speaker, microphone and headset connections. Up to 40 user beltpacks can be supported.
Wired Beltpacks
Housed in a light-weight and ergonomically-design casing, the RS-Series beltpacks are engineered to withstand the demanding day-to-day use even in high-intensity situations. Functions are easily customizable and accessible with simple-to-use straightforward operations.
Power Supplies
Encore Power Supplies deliver sufficient power to support one to four channels of intercom, up to 40 beltpacks, 10 speaker stations or 12 headset stations.
Remote Stations
One- or four- channel rack-mount remote systems for talk and/or listen operations on either or both channels. Systems are powered by intercom line. Up to 40 user beltpacks can be supported.
Wall-Mount/Speaker Stations
Encore stations provide users with basic talk/listen operations and need access to one or four intercom channels.
System interfaces enable Encore to connect with external audio sources such as 2-way radio/ walkie-talkie, 4-wire audios, telephone, TV cameras, and more.
An economical partyline communication system, featuring a wide frequency response and high audio output.
Wireless IFB Intercom
Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) systems operate between 537.600 and 767.900MHz. They are used for talent cueing and crew communications in broadcast and motion picture production.
Program Interrupt (IFB)
IFB system sends one of two program audio signals to individual Talent Receivers via standard, two conductor shielded mic cables, allowing Talent coordinators to interrupt the program and cue talent.
Compatible intercom outlet wall plates, call signal flasher, isolator PCB for partyline systems.

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