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The HME DX210 offers the perfect blend of wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems, and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions.

The HME DX210 is a newly-designed, two-channel intercom system that has advanced the capabilities of the legendary DX200. The DX210’s wired intercom interface is now compatible with Clear-Com’s or RTS’ 2-wire systems, and provides two separate 2-wire and 4-wire interconnections. In single channel mode, the powerful 1RU base station supports up to 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations. The DX210 is paired with the rugged BP210 beltpack and All-in-One WH210 Wireless Headset COMMUNICATOR®s, which have two intercom buttons (IC1/IC2) with ISO. The system is also backward compatible with the DX200 COMMUNICATOR models such as BP200, WH200 and WS200 (Wireless Speaker Station).
Base Station for DX210 System
Beltpack for DX210 System

All-in-One Wireless Headset

Battery Li-ion Rechargeable
Battery Charger
Single-muff headset with noise cancelling microphone
Single-muff, lightweight headset with directional microphone
MD-XLR Headset Adapter
MD-XLR Headset Adapter for using terminated dynamic headsets
Beltpack Pouch
Beltpack Pouch

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