Clear-Com Support

How can we help?

For Technical Questions
Try our Clear-Com Solution Finder knowledgebase of FAQs, resolutions to problems, and "How do I...?"  Information was provided by expert Clear-Com product and technical teams and customers like you. 

For Technical, Service and Repair Issues
Find your regional Support Contact here.  Or submit a question online, and a member of the Technical Support staff will respond within 24 hours.

For Product Warranty and Support Policies
Clear-Com's Standard Limited Warranty: what's covered and for how long?  Click here to locate Clear-Com's Warranty and Support Policies.

For Extending the Warranty Protection Plan on your Clear-Com Product(s)
You can purchase a 1-or-2-year extended warranty on your Clear-Com product(s) at any time.*
An Extended Warranty carries the same terms and conditions as the Standard Limited Warranty. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for more detail about extending your warranty.

*Certain restrictions apply

For Spare Parts
Download our published spare parts list to learn what spare parts are available for purchase:  XLSX, PDF, XLS