Base Station Firmware

Please follow the following steps for upgrading the BaseStation Firmware:

  1. Download the firmware for either the 4-channel or 2-channel BaseStation

    For 4-Channel System: 
Download "" here

    For 2-Channel System:  Download "" here
  2.  Download the PIC file for either the 4-channel or 2-channel BaseStation

    For 4-Channel System: Download 
"" here

    For 2-Channel System: Download "" here
  2. Prepare the BaseStation for updating
  • With the BaseStation power OFF, press and hold the "MIC KILL" button and power the BaseStation ON
  • The BaseStation LCD should indicate that it is ready for a "New Image"
  • Connect the USB cable from your PC to the USB B connector on the front of the BaseStation
  3. Locate the target device
  • Click the "Locate Device" button in Code Updater
  • The banner of Code Updater should indicate what target you are attempting to program - In this case it should say "base"
  4. Point Code Loader to the Firmware (.hex) file
  • Click the "Browse" button and locate the Firmware (.hex) file that you located in step 1 above
  • You may only upgrade one BaseStation Firmware file at a time (DSP or PIC)
  5. Upgrade the BaseStation
  • Click the "Upgrade" button
  • The target will self program and boot
Note: It may be necessary to pair BeltStations to BaseStations again after upgrading the Firmware.