Concert Demo Installation

Concert Demo Installation Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Concert. the Concert Demo system already comes pre-configured with 5 users and 5 conferences. to install the Concert system, please follow the instructions below:
  1. For Non-Cloud Server Installation Method Only
A. Download the Concert ISO

B. Burn the ISO to a physical DVD. This can be easily performed using the built in Windows utility by right clicking on the downloaded ISO and selecting "Open with > "Windows Disc Image Burner"
C. Once the ISO had been burned to a DVD, insert the DVD into the target server and reboot the server. NOTE: Once the installation process begins, all data on the server's hard drive will be permanently lost.

D. Select appropriate installation method from the installation menu. Type 'yes' when prompted to proceed with the install.
E. The installation will take approximately 20 minutes depending on the size of the server's hard drive or SSD. Both CentOS 6.2 and Concert 2.7 will be installed automatically.
F. When the installation completes, you will be prompted to reboot the server.
  1. For Cloud Server Installation Method Only
A. Within your hosted cloud server provider's website, create a CentOS 6.2 server image.
B. Once created, log into the virtual server as user 'root'
C. At the server's console, execute the following commands:
i. wget
ii. tar -xvf
iii.  ./

D. Once the installation is complete, your cloud server will be ready for use.
  1. Install and Configure the Concert Client

There are 3 Concert Client Types - Windows, MAC and ENPS (ActiveX for ENPS)
Download the appropriate Concert Client installer form the corresponding folder under the following link: Clear-Com Concert Clients
NOTE: If you have the Concert Server DVD, the Concert Client Installers and user Manuals can be found in the ConcertClient_Files folder.

For Client Installation, please see the Clear-Com Quick Start Guide.
For Client Configuration, please see the Client User Manual.
  1. You are ready to use Concert!