Interested in using Concert but not sure whether you are ready to fully commit? 

Clear-Com is offering a 5-user, 8-server channel demo license that does not expire. This demo license enables you to use Concert for as long as you like, free of charge.

Expansion beyond 5-users or 8-server channels will require the purchase of a full license for the required total number of channels and clients. This full license will then replace your demo license.

Demo License Includes:

  • Supports up to five (5) users
  • Unrestricted communications between all conferences, authorized users and channels
  • Connection of up to 8-server channels on 4-wire enabled server hardware
  • Access to unlimited audio conference e-rooms
  • Full-featured capabilities
  • Presence awareness and instant messaging
For Concert users running v2.6 and would like to upgrade to Concert v2.7, please read the Clear-Com Concert Installation Manual.

If you like the Concert experience and wish to license additional users or server channels, simply purchase a Concert Software License to instantaneously increase your Concert system's potential.

Concert ISO

The Concert ISO will automatically install an optimized version of the CentOS operating system, as well as the Concert applications. This script will convert an unused or blank PC into a dedicated Concert Server.

>>Click here to download the Concert ISO


Concert Client Installation Files

Concert Client Installers are provided for the following three client types: PC users, MAC users, or ENPS users. Select the preferred Client Installer File to proceed.

>>Click here to download the Concert Client Installation Files

Please see the Clear-Com Administrator Guide for configuring the Concert system.

NOTE: The MAC Concert client software only support Leopard v10.5 and Snow Leopard v10.6.

Concert Cloud Server Installation Script

The Concert Cloud Server is a virtual and private Concert server that you can access from the Internet and provides you with the flexibility to use Concert without requiring the commitment of a dedicated, locally administrated work station to run the Concert application. You can create your own Concert Cloud Server and get free access to voice communication and voice conferencing directly from your PC. The Concert Cloud Server is made possible by, a virtual server provider based in the US, with server space in the UK.

NOTE: All Concert installations, including demo or production installs, must use either the ISO or Cloud Installation Script.

>>Click here to follow step-by-step Concert Demo Installation Instructions

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