Software Versions

Provided below is a list of the current versions of our product software.  If you are unable to locate the software version, please contact Clear-Com Support.

Eclipse HX System Software Current Version
Main Release Version 8.0.0
Omega/Median CPU
MVX-A16 (Application Code) 2.12.7
MVX-A16 (Boot Code) 2.12.6
V-Series Panel Application code 3.4.0
V-Series Panel U-boot code 0.19
I-Series Panels 20301
ICS-52E/ICS-92E Not supported
ICS-1008E/ICS-I016E Not supported
ICS-2003E/TE Not supported
4224E Panel Not supported
E-Que-HX/IVC-32-HX/LMC-64-HX (Application Code)
E-MADI-HX (Application Code)
Production Maestro


Eclipse System Software
Current Version
Main Release Version 5.2.4
ECS  1.160.1
Omega/Median CPU  1.83.2
E-PiCo CPU  1.83.3
MVX-A16  MVX-A56
V-Series Panel Application code  1.89
V-Series Panel U-boot code  0.17
I-Series Panels  10129
ICS-52E/ICS-92E  10157
ICS-1008E/ICS-1016E  10112
ICS-2003E/TE  10191
4224E Panel  PBH54M
E-MADI (Application Code)
Production Maestro


Digital Wireless Product Current Version
FreeSpeak/ CellCom Main Release Version 2.1
FreeSpeak/ CellCom (Basestation)
FS-BP/ Cell-BP (MKII)  3K010271
PD2201 / CEl-TA Antenna (KIRK)   AA_AK00020i
PD2203 Splitter  SP0x010C
CellCom Config editor
Tempest Main Release
(both 2400 & 900 systems)
Tempest BaseStation 2-Ch=03.10.00   4-Ch=03.10.00
Tempest BeltStation 2-Ch=03.10.00   4-Ch=03.10.00
Tempest T-Desk 3.1


IP Product Current Version
Concert V2.7.2
Concert Server PC V2.7.2
Concert Client PC V2.7.0
 VoICE-2           V2.0.5


HelixNet Product
Current Version
HelixNet v2.0.71