Software Versions

Provided below is a list of the current versions of our product software.  If you are unable to locate the software version, please contact Clear-Com Support.

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Eclipse HX System Software Current Version
Main Release Version 9.1
Omega/Median CPU
MVX-A16 (Application Code) 2.12.7
MVX-A16 (Boot Code) 2.12.6
V-Series Panel (Application Code) 3.39.0
V-Series Panel (U-boot Code) 0.20
I-Series Panels 20901
ICS-52E/ICS-92E Not supported
ICS-1008E/ICS-I016E 10112
ICS-2003E/TE Not supported
4224E Panel Not supported
E-Que-HX/IVC-32-HX/LMC-64-HX (Application Code)
E-MADI-HX (Application Code)
Production Maestro Pro
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Eclipse System Software
Current Version
Main Release Version 5.2.5
Omega/Median CPU  1.99.2
E-PiCo CPU  1.99.3
MVX-A16 2.12.70
V-Series Panel Application code 3.39.0
V-Series Panel U-boot code  0.20
I-Series Panels 20901
ICS-52E/ICS-92E  10157
ICS-1008E/ICS-1016E  10112
ICS-2003E/TE  10191
4224E Panel  PBH54M
E-MADI (Application Code)
Production Maestro


Digital Wireless Product Current Version
FreeSpeak II Main Release Version 2.1.0
FreeSpeak II Base Station Default Map C
FreeSpeak II Configuration Editor
FreeSpeak II Base Station App Code
FreeSpeak II Base II
FreeSpeak II 1.9 Beltpacks 1.02
FreeSpeak II 1.9 Transceiver Antennas 0.38
FreeSpeak II 2.4 Beltpacks 0.46
FreeSpeak II 2.4 Transceiver Antennas 0.30
PD2203 Splitter SP0x010C
FreeSpeak/CellCom Main Release Version 2.1
FreeSpeak/CellCom Base Station
FreeSpeak/CellCom Beltpacks (MKII)  3K010271
PD2201/CEL-TA Antenna (KIRK)   AA_AK00020i
PD2203 Splitter  SP0x010C
CellCom Config Editor


IP Product Current Version
Concert 2.7.2
Concert Server PC 2.7.2
Concert Client PC 2.7.0
 VoICE-2          3.0.13 (Rev B H/W)


HelixNet Product
Current Version
HelixNet Software
HelixNet HCS Software
*Only intended for use with the Industrial Intercom product


LQ Series Product
Current Version
LQ Series