• Together We Can: Clear-Com highlights how as an organization it gives back to the community. (3:04)

  • The RS-701 beltpack is so durable it can be run over by a Jeep! "Sounds great and just won't break!" says Clear-Com Partner GerrAudio Distribution. (0:44)
  • Watch this demo of our Agent-IC app on an iPad. (0:30)

  • Watch this demo of our Agent-IC app on an iPhone 6 Plus. (0:29)

  • In this episode of Tyrell Tech Bites, Clear-Com's Nicki Fisher, Bob Romero and Ricci Fretz to discuss Lean Manufacturing, new products and Customer Service at Clear-Com. (8:20)

  • Expansive coverage. 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz beltpacks in the same system. Clear audio. These are just a few of the many benefits of FreeSpeak II. (2:05)

  • The Agent-IC mobile app enables an operator panel to be used on mobile devices. (2:13)


Product Overview Videos

  • Find out how LQ Series IP Interfaces can simplify linking intercom over IP networks. (2015)

  • Watch this product video focused on the powerful Eclipse HX matrix intercom range. (2013)

  • Learn more about HelixNet network digital partyline with system linking in this product video. (2013)

  • This product video explains how Clear-Com Concert is a useful intercom-over-IP solution. (2013)

  • This product video features the new V-Series rotary panels and E-MADI64 card for the Eclipse digital matrix intercom. (2012)

  • See how Tempest2400 with Seamless Roaming is designed to meet the critical demands of any production environment in this product video. (2012)

  • This product video demonstrates the advantages that HelixNet Partyline brings to the market. (2012)

  • This product video illustrates how Clear-Com's Concert for Newsroom helps journalists to communicate effectively. (2012)



Application Videos

  • Find out how HelixNet Partyline and Optocore interfaces enable productions in stadiums and arenas.

  • This video demonstrates how the Eclipse HX-Delta matrix intercom and Tempest2400 wireless system are being employed for productions at a performing arts center.

  • Learn more about how the Eclipse HX matrix intercom and HelixNet Partyline system are being used for a house of worship in this application video.

  • Watch this video to see how the Eclipse HX matrix systems, HME DX210 wireless intercom and Concert intercom-over-IP solution are being used in a typical broadcast control room.

  • This application video discusses the communications setup, which includes the Optocore interfaces, for mobile trucks during sports and event production.

  • This video shows how the Eclipse HX matrix and Clear-Com Concert enable broadcast communication between studio staff and the remote crew.

  • This application video explains how the Tempest2400 wireless intercom with Seamless Roaming enhances production communications at studios.


Support Videos

  • How to Set the Program Volume on the Tempest2400 Wireless System

  • How to Pair a Tempest2400 BeltStation with a BaseStation

  • How to Set the Auto-Null on the Tempest2400

  • Clear-Com Hybrid Network Support Guide

  • Clear-Com Wireless Support Guide Part 1 - Need for Wireless

  • Clear Com Wireless Support Guide Part 2 - Basic Systems (HME DX100HME DX121, HME DX200)

  • Clear Com Wireless Support Guide Part 2 - Advanced Systems (HME DX300ESHME DX210, and WBS)

  • Clear-Com Wireless Support Guide Part 2 - Expert Systems (HME PRO850Tempest2400Tempest900, and CellCom/FreeSpeak)


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