Together We Can  (3:04)

Clear-Com highlights how as an organization it gives back to the community.
     TFWM Interview with Jay Wallace, Sales Manager at Clear-Com  (3:09)

Jay Wallace shares about who Clear-Com is, the most common intercom systems for single- and multi-site house of worship facilities, and new Clear-Com products for the market.
RS-701 Beltpack Run Over by Jeep  (0:44)

See how durable the new RS-701 beltpack is! "Sounds great and just won't break!" says Clear-Com  Partner GerrAudio Distribution.
  2014 NAB Show StudioXperience (15:11)

Clear-Com President Bob Boster talks with Steve Waskul about delivering communications tools to professionals in a wide range of activities.

Product Overview Videos

Eclipse HX (2013)

Watch this product video focused on the powerful Eclipse HX matrix intercom range. 
          HelixNet Partyline (2013)

Learn more about HelixNet network digital partyline with system linking in this product video.
Concert (2013)

This product video explains how Clear-Com Concert is a useful intercom-over-IP solution.
  V-Series Rotary Panels and E-MADI64 Card (2012)

This product video features the new V-Series rotary panels and E-MADI64 card for the Eclipse digital matrix intercom.
Tempest2400 with Seamless Roaming (2012)

 See how Tempest2400 with Seamless Roaming is designed to meet the critical demands of any production environment in this product video.
  HelixNet Partyline (2012)

This product video demonstrates the advantages that HelixNet Partyline brings to the market.
Concert for Newsroom (2012)

This product video illustrates how Clear-Com's Concert for Newsroom helps journalists to communicate effectively.

Application Videos


Find out how HelixNet Partyline and Optocore interfaces enable productions in stadiums and arenas.
          Performing Arts Center

This video demonstrates how the Eclipse HX-Delta matrix intercom and Tempest2400 wireless system are being employed for productions at a performing arts center.
House of Worship

Learn more about how the Eclipse HX matrix intercom and HelixNet Partyline system are being used for a house of worship in this application video.
             Broadcast Control Room

Watch this video to see how the Eclipse HX matrix systems, HME DX210 wireless intercom and Concert intercom-over-IP solution are being used in a typical broadcast control room. 
Mobile Production Truck (OB), Sports and Special Events

This application video discusses the communications setup, which includes the Optocore interfaces, for mobile trucks during sports and event production.
  Stand-up (News)

This video shows how the Eclipse HX matrix and Clear-Com Concert enable broadcast communication between studio staff and the remote crew. 
Studio (Wireless)

This application video explains how the Tempest2400 wireless 
intercom with Seamless Roaming enhances production communications at studios.

Support Videos

How to Set the Program Volume on the Tempest2400

Learn how to set the Program Volume on the Tempest2400 in this how-to video!
        How to Pair a Tempest2400 BeltStation with a BaseStation

Learn how to easily pair a Tempest2400 BeltStation with a BaseStation in this short how-to video!
How to Set the Auto-Null on the Tempest2400

Learn how to set the auto-null on the Tempest2400 in this how-to video!
  Clear-Com Hybrid Network Support Guide

The two technologies behind Clear-Com's Hybrid Network are explained in depth in this video. 
Clear-Com Wireless Support Guide Part 1 - Need for Wireless

This video gives an overview of what to consider to select the proper wireless intercom product.
  Clear Com Wireless Support Guide Part 2 - Basic Systems

Clear-Com discusses the features of the HME DX100HME DX121, and HME DX200 and how they are used.
Clear Com Wireless Support Guide Part 2 - Advanced Systems

Clear-Com talks about the HME DX300ESHME DX210, and WBS and examines their applications.
  Clear-Com Wireless Support Guide Part 2 - Expert Systems

Clear-Com introduces the HME PRO850Tempest2400Tempest900, and CellCom/FreeSpeak and brings up their applications.

Tradeshow Videos

InfoComm 2013

RS-701 Beltpack

Sales Director Michael Rucker introduces the durable RS-701 analog beltpack.
        Tempest Family

Regional Sales Manager Jaz Wray shares about the feature-rich Tempest2400Tempest900, and Tempest2400 MasterBelt.
HelixNet Partyline

Regional Saless  Manager Jaz Wray provides information on the different capabilities of HelixNet Partyline.
  HME DX210

Regional Sales Manager Jaz Wray identifies the features of the two-channel HME DX210 wireless intercom in this video.

NAB 2013

Enhanced Tempest900 BeltStation

Vinnie Macri informs viewers about the Tempest900 BeltStation's increase range.

        Clear-Com President Bob Boster at NAB 2013

Bob Boster discusses the advantages of Clear-Com's latest Eclipse HX matrix intercom offering, the Eclipse HX-Delta.
Eclipse HX Matrix Range

Vinnie Macri talks about the Eclipse HX matrix family, including the addition of the new 3RU Eclipse HX-Delta frame. 
  HelixNet Partyline with Network Linking

Vinnie Macri explains the capabilities of the enhanced HelixNet Partyline system, including the new system linking function.
Clear-Com Concert

Vinnie Macri highlights the features of the latest version of Concert in this video.

For more videos, please visit
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