• See how FNTech uses HelixNet Digital Partyline on their recent productions..(2:03)

  • The Tosca Opera in Masada relied on Clear-Com's FreeSpeak II wireless intercom for communication. Watch the video to learn why the staff loved the system.(4:01)


  • Be Amazed. The first ever intercom in your pocket: Agent-IC. Find out how a fully-featured intercom panel mobile app can help you communicate.(2:03)

  • Clear-Com at the Cross British Sports Book Awards 2015. Take a peek behind the scenes and learn how FreeSpeak II helped the production team communicate during the event. (4:50)

  • Easily link or extend partyline and 4-wire intercoms with LQ Series IP Interfaces. (1:59)

  • Together We Can: Clear-Com highlights how as an organization it gives back to the community. (3:04)

  • The RS-701 beltpack is so durable it can be run over by a Jeep! "Sounds great and just won't break!" says Clear-Com Partner GerrAudio Distribution. (0:44)

  • Watch this demo of our Agent-IC app on an iPad. (0:30)

  • Conveniently access intercom from your mobile devices with the Agent-IC mobile app. (1:04)

  • Expansive coverage. 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz beltpacks in the same system. Clear audio. These are just a few of the many benefits of FreeSpeak II . (1:23) 

  • Link intercoms over IP with LQ Series IP interfaces. (1:43)

  • Rapidly transport and distribute audio, intercom and video signals as well as control data with ProGrid. (1:21) 


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