Introduction to 2-Wire Systems

2-wire port interface settings

When connecting 2-wire equipment the following applies:

  • Every time equipment is changed on a 2-wire interface (port) you should perform nulling. You must null every time you add wired resources to your system.

    • No one should listen during the nulling process.

    • It is good practice to press the remote mic kill (RMK) button on all channels before nulling.

  • Encore beltpacks can be powered by the Arcadia Station via the partyline. Quantity of beltpacks and length of cable are variables, dependent on the type of devices and existing cabling. To calculate what will work best in your circumstances, see the Encore Partyline Power Calculator, available from the Clear-Com website.

  • Enable/disable the partyline power. Default setting: Disabled.

These functions can be set either in the 2-wire port settings page of the Core Configuration Manager (CCM) or from the front panel screens on the Arcadia Station.

  • Enable/disable Line termination. The line should only be terminated once on interconnected devices, do not terminate on more than one piece of equipment. Default setting: Disabled.

Line termination is set in the CCM (not the front panel menu system). To do this, in the CCM navigate to: Hardware > Resources > Physical Ports. See below.

To configure 2-wire port settings in the CCM navigate to: Hardware > Resources > Physical Ports > (select port) :

2-wire port settings