Configuring the E-IPA-HX Card for FreeSpeak Edge

Note: For use with FreeSpeak II Base you must have EHX v. 12 or above.
Note: For more information about using the EHX configuration software to setup and configure the IP transceiver, see the EHX Configuration Software User Guide.

Set Card Properties

Configure the network settings in Card Properties. Navigate to EHX>Matrix>Configuration>Hardware>Cards and Ports. Select the E-IPA card by clicking on it then right click to access Card Properties.

In this section you will set the IP addresses for the card. The E-IPA card uses up to 3 IP addresses. It can be configured flexibly, but there is a recommended setup (the default):

  • LAN 1 = Admin for diagnostics and firmware updates
  • LAN 3 = AoIP (AES67) for audio

For more detail see Connecting the FreeSpeak Edge Transceivers to a Matrix

Add Beltpacks

When using FreeSpeak Edge on E-IPA-HX , each beltpack takes up a matrix port. Select the number of beltpacks you require.

  1. Navigate to Cards and Ports and select the E-IPA-HX Card slot.
  2. Click +Port. The following screen appears.

Note: If you are adding more than one port, you can enter values in the Characters to Replace and Seed value fields to automatically generate labels. For example if you enter Label 0 in the Label field, and then enter 1 in the Characters to replace and Seed value fields, this will automatically generate labels called Label 1, Label 2, Label 3 up to the specified number of labels.
  1. Click Add to add the ports, and then Close to exit the screen.
Note: The ports that are allocated to beltpacks can be thought of as a pool of ports that can be used by any FreeSpeak beltpack. You only need to allocate for the number of beltpacks you intend to have connected to the system at any one time. No allocation for spare beltpacks is needed.

When at least one beltpack has been allocated to the card, you will see a Beltpacks button appears under Hardware. Click this button to configure beltpacks in the usual way. (Registration and Roles).

A Transceivers button also appears under Hardware.