Connecting to an Encore Main Station

Notes: The following procedure assumes that a two-wire interface module has been fitted to the HMS-4X Main Station. For more information about interface modules, see HMS-4X Main Station rear panel: Interface modules
  A HelixNet system with HLI-2W2 must be able to receive power from an analog Partyline

To connect your HelixNet Partyline system to an Encore Main Station (for example, the four Channel MS-704):

  1. On the HMS-4X Main Station, configure the Module Settings for the two-wire interface module (Menu mode > Module Settings). For the full procedure, see Configuring a Two-wire interface module

Note: Check that the two-wire module is configured for Clear-Com systems (the default) and run the Auto-null. Auto-nulling helps to reduce echo while talking on a two-wire audio system. You must run auto-null every time you change the cabling.

  1. Physically connect the HMS-4X Main Station to the Encore Main Station, using the 3-pin XLR connectors:

  • On the HMS-4X Main Station two-wire interface module.

  • On the back panel (rear) of the Encore Main Station.

There are four Channels (A, B, C and D), comprising two 3-pin XLR connectors, on the MS-704.

Connect to the selected Channel using standard microphone cabling.

Note: The Two-wire module will not function without an attached power supply on the analog side of the interface.

Ensure that the connection is terminated (using the termination switch beside the connectors). The default position for the switch is on.

To adjust nulling on a Channel on the Encore Main Station (MS-704):

  1. Turn the screwdriver-adjustable Sidetone Adjust control (just below the headset connector) to the appropriate level.

  1. Turn the screwdriver-adjustable Listen level control (the null control, located just below the Channel Talk button and Call LED) for the Channel to the appropriate level.

Tip: If the headset microphone is being used, hum or gently scratch the mic for a continuous signal source to null on. If a good null is not attainable, switch the Long / Short DIP switch for the Channel to its opposite setting. Use the setting that produces the best audio quality.

To optimize audio quality, you may also want to adjust the Audio Settings on the HMS-4X Main Station. For more information, see Configuring the Audio Settings.

Tip: The amount of null that is required changes when you add or remove devices, or alter the length of the cabling. For optimum performance, Clear-Com recommends that you adjust the nulling every time you make a change to the system configuration.

Note: Ensure that all Talk keys/routes are disabled before auto-nulling commences.