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Matrix Intercom Platform Facilitates Live Audio Collaboration for New LOVE Performance

Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand and the global leader of trusted intercom solutions, today announced that Canada’s Cirque du Soleil has purchased additional components from its integrated portfolio of live audio communications technology. This is the third order for Clear-Com from one of the world’s best known performance arts companies, and will be used to support production wide communications at LOVE, the latest production by Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

Cirque du Soleil’s order includes main and redundant power supply modules, 6/RU frames with 72- in/out port capabilities, user-friendly programming panels and system interfaces for interoperable point-to point, partyline, portable camera intercoms, and 2-way radios.

The Compact-72 Matrix frame along with ICS digital matrix, IMF interface frame and CCI and RTS Partyline products are all designed to simplify intercom communication. Clear-Com’s components provide users with the flexibility to easily expand and configure their intercom systems according to operational needs. For example, when using the Matrix rack platform, stagehands can choose from a variety of intercom solutions including point-to-point communication, partyline and talent cue within the same system. To help simplify split-second communications, the Matrix platform easily handles dressing room pages and on-stage life safety communications.

“Having a reliable network intercom system is critical for fast-paced productions, such as LOVE, with on-the-fly changes,” said Matt Danilowicz, Managing Director of Vitec Group Communications. “This installation is a great example of the versatility Clear-Com offers its customers. With more than 200 available products, customers have the opportunity to design a unique communication network to address each user’s specific needs. We are delighted Cirque du Soleil has chosen Clear-Com’s solutions for a third time and we look forward to yet another successful show.”

Clear-Com’s Compact-72 Matrix frame offers users up to 72 input/output ports for full-duplex connections with panels and external lines, plus the ability to interface other Matrix systems over 4-wire trunks. Used to future-proof an intercom network, the new Eclipse Matrix series offers CD quality, high clarity communications, along with cross point level controls, which allow users to customise individual audio mixes. The system also employs a redundant power supply for guaranteed reliability and added peace of mind. The Matrix system used in concert with Clear-Com’s Partyline beltpack interface offers all users on a given channel the capability to communicate with each other simultaneously. Attached to each beltpack are noise-attenuating headsets and noise-cancelling microphones, which are combined with anti-side tone circuitry to reduce the pickup of acoustic noise and minimize feedback.

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