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Clear-Com’s VoIP Hardware Solution Offers a Simple, Low-Cost Extension of Intercom Facilities to Remote Sites; Demonstrations at NAB2006

Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand, the global leader of trusted intercom solutions, announced immediate availability for purchase of its Voice over Internet Communications Equipment (VoICE) frame for extending intercom facilities to remote sites while providing centralized Internet telephony for all users on a digital matrix system.

Historically, studios and switching centers have had difficulties tying together two or more fixed sites because connection links are expensive and difficult to organize. Moreover, differing telecom standards cost both time and money to surmount. VoICE overcomes all these issues. The 1-RU 4-way VoIP interface frame connects remote users seamlessly and efficiently with or without trunk lines over low cost IP LANs, WANs or Internet. Clear-Com will be demonstrating the IP communications system at NAB2006, Central Hall, Booth #C5119D, April 24-27.

“The wide availability of Internet access and the utility of Internet protocols will generate significant savings for cost-conscious customers of intercom equipment,” said Matt Danilowicz, vice president, Worldwide Marketing and Sales/Americas and Asia. “Clear-Com’s innovations in this area mean VoICE users have a simple intercom and PC telephony solution in a single, slim box that can be monitored locally or remotely. Our customers have eagerly awaited VoICE since its announcement and we’re happy to start delivering it today.”

Each frame comes with a PC web client application that provides for easy IP line and audio CODEC setup and provides diagnostics that can be monitored from a centralized remote maintenance position. VoICE uses state-of-the-art audio CODECs to provide low latency audio digitization in user-selectable formats from 3.5KHz to 16KHz. VoICE provides broadcast compatible intercom and commentary over IP.

Frames that operate back-to-back provides up to four channels of:
• Capacity for future remote PC-based virtual intercom stations to matrix ports
• Intelligent trunk lines between remote matrix systems, which provides efficient and automatically managed routing between remote systems
• 4-wire audio pairs and four asynchronous RS-4422 data links between remote sites

The latest echo-canceling technology enables the use of gooseneck microphone and loudspeaker operation by reducing the loop audio echo digitally. The IP processing engine uses the very latest in real-time processing (RTP) and type of service (ToS) technology to provide high-priority tunneling that ensures the best connectivity is maintained even in highly loaded networks.

VoICE comes with LAN bridging via second Ethernet interface for transparent installation as well as the ability to save local audio on flash memory.

Throughout NAB2006, Clear-Com will also be demonstrating its Eclipse family of systems for small, medium and large digital matrix needs; the CellCom® family for wireless communications among standalone beltpack and integrated matrix/party line systems; and the Party-line family of single and multi-channel beltpacks and main stations, wired and wireless communication products. Additionally, the company will conduct CellCom, Eclipse for Broadcast and public safety use in demos in the Central Hall, Suite C206.

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