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Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand, announces the release of their two new AES-6 interface cards. The two AES-6 module types provide connection to either the AES-3 digital audio or to Co-ax video cable from digital intercom panels. The AES-6 modules compliment the existing range of IMF interfaces for Eclipse intercom matrices (including the small 1RU Eclipse-PiCo) whilst also supporting the existing 4000 panels.

Digital co-ax connected panels can connect through to the matrix using the 6 channel AES-6-CX module. The more robust Co-ax cables are favoured for outside mobile broadcast or live events complimenting the internal use of CAT-5 for all other panels offering either mono or stereo modes. The digital audio Co-ax connection also allows two audio paths to the intercom panel allowing users to have a permanent programme audio or production conference feed as well as switched intercom.

The AES-6-RJ interface provides for direct connection to AES-3 stereo digital audio routers and consoles where the Eclipse intercom is required to talk over audio feeds such as in OB Vans or within a Studio environment. Once converted to AES-3, outgoing intercom can be transferred to any existing AES-3 or MADI channel formats using readily available products. AES-3 digital audio provides two channels of low noise high quality audio in a single twisted pair cable.

The AES-6 modules are available for use in the IMF-3 (3RU) and IMF-102 (1RU) interface racks and the Eclipse-Median. The same racks can mix AES-6 cards with any of the existing range including the FOR-22 (Dual channel 4 wire Transformer balance audio interface), TEL- 14 (Dual Line PSTN interface), CCI-22 (Dual channel Party Line interface), RLY-6 (6 way Relay Control interface) and the GPI-6 (6 way opto control interface).

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