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Clear-Com® Launches E-FIB Product for Eclipse Matrix Range at IBC 2006


E-FIB Offers Users Non-Blocking High-Quality Communication

Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand and global leader of trusted intercom solutions, launched today at IBC 2006, the E-FIB fiber networking card, part of the Eclipse digital matrix intercom platform.

Designed as an extension to the highly successful Eclipse range, the E-FIB product offers users a non-blocking high-speed audio connection between isolated locations. The Eclipse E-FIB interface cards for the Eclipse Omega and Median frames, give broadcast professionals unparalleled flexibility, versatility and expandability to match changing communication needs. The dual concentric fibre ring provides full redundancy while maintaining audio links, even if the main fibre pair is fully disconnected.

The addition of the new E-FIB provides an advanced non-blocking digital audio linking system ideal for sharing intercom and audio resources between production teams.

E-FIB runs at full audio bandwidth, allowing intercom matrices to share audio resources as if they were local. In effect, a fibre network of Eclipse intercom frames act as one matrix.

“The E-FIB product is ideally suited for handling high-quality, full-duplex communications for mobile production, studio integration or sports and performing facilities,” said Matt Danilowicz, managing director of Vitec Group Communications. “E-FIB has the unique ability to support multiple point-to-point direct duplex calls without trunk forwarding or call blocking. The addition of E-FIB to Clear-Com’s matrix portfolio further strengthens our commitment of offering customers the most innovative products available.”

The Eclipse digital matrix products, including E-FIB, are configured by the Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) interface. Visual and intuitive, ECS features frame and panel graphics, and can focus on and configure labels and functions for individual panel buttons. Drop-down menus access different features such as label assignments, interfacing, DTMF access and key functions.

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