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Clear-Com® Launches SoftVoICE 1.0 to Deliver Superior Intercom Quality Between Personal Computers and Digital Matrix Systems


Clear-Com’s SoftVoICE 1.0 Uses Standard Internet Protocols to Connect up to four PCs With a Single Matrix; Demonstrations at NAB2006

Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand, the global leader of trusted intercom solutions, today announced SoftVoICE 1.0, intercom software for use on standard personal computers running Windows XP. SoftVoICE works in partnership with VoICE (Voice over Internet Communications Equipment), a 1-RU 4-way VoIP interface frame that connects remote users seamlessly and efficiently over low-cost house LANs (local-area networks), private WANs (wide-area networks), and other communication links using Internet protocols. Each VoICE frame e nables an Eclipse Matrix to convert four of its physical station ports into SoftVoICE connections.

Connecting remote personnel with fixed sites can challenge studios and switching centers because links are tricky and costly to coordinate while telecom solutions suffer quality and reliability issues. SoftVoICE, on the other hand, is as simple to use as an instant messaging client while delivering broadcast-quality audio from around town or around the globe.

“For reporters in the field, public safety officers on the road, or even business users out of town, SoftVoICE offers serious intercom performance between PCs and Clear-Com’s matrix systems,” said Matt Danilowicz, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Sales/Americas and Asia. “The resulting audio quality is far superior to traditional telephony services. The client software is simple to set up and operate while still offering matrix operators total audio control. This is a VoIP solution like no other.”

SoftVoICE significantly reduces the cost and complexity of audio connections between studios and talent in remote locations or tight spaces. And with advances in image compression and video streaming, nothing prevents the talent from receiving moving or still pictures on a desktop or laptop to fully engage in the conversation. The same holds true for public safety employees, live event engineers, critical business conference attendees, or even military forces.

Like its hardware counterpart, SoftVoICE uses state-of-the-art audio CODECs to provide low latency audio digitization in user-selectable formats from 3.5KHz to 16KHz. Up to four computer clients can connect simultaneously to one of any digital matrix system in Clear-Com’s Eclipse family. Adding a second VoICE system facilitates another four remote PCs, with no ultimate limit on connections other than bandwidth.

SoftVoICE 1.0 for Windows XP will be available for licensing in the fourth quarter of 2006 directly from Clear-Com. Development for additional operating systems are also being considered.

Throughout NAB2006, Clear-Com will also be demonstrating its VoICE frame; the Eclipse family of systems for small, medium and large digital matrix needs; the CellCom® family for wireless communications among standalone beltpack and integrated matrix/party line systems; and the Party-line family of single and multi-channel beltpacks and main stations, wired and wireless communication products. Additionally, the company will conduct CellCom, Eclipse for broadcast and public safety use in demos in the Central Hall, Suite C206.

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