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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ─ Clear-Com® Communication Systems is exhibiting its Hybrid Network (Hybrid Time-Division Multiplexing [TDM] Matrix/IP Server Network) and Tempest®2400 digital wireless intercom system at this year’s CABSAT show (Booth ZN-1E, Zabeel Hall).

Clear-Com’s Hybrid Network is a single communication network comprised of Eclipse TDM digital matrix technology and IP-server based communications. Clear-Com’s Eclipse Median or Eclipse Omega can seamlessly link to the IP-based Concert intercom software system or IP-enabled V-Series control panels via the IVC-32, a 32-channel high density IP matrix card, enabling a single, fluid communication environment that offers users unlimited communication workflow options, whether in the studio or out in the field. Users of the IP-enabled V-Series panels or Concert software have fast, easy access to the same network as their colleagues working on the Eclipse.

The acclaimed Clear-Com Tempest2400 wireless intercom system operates worldwide in the 2.4GHz license-free frequency band, where it is fundamentally immune to interference from other wireless devices, ensuring that communications go off without a hitch during major broadcasting events such as sports matches, breaking-news broadcasts and other crowded RF environments. Tempest2400 now comes in two- and four-channel versions, with each Tempest base station supporting up to five full-duplex four audio-channel (four-channel Tempest) or two (two-channel Tempest) digital wireless beltstations. By stacking up to 10 base stations together, 50 independent wireless beltstations can operate together in a single system, with the iSelect Roaming feature allowing a beltstation user to move from one studio to the next and quickly switch to a different base station in the new studio.

Tempest also boasts one of the longest beltstation-to-base station distances currently available, and can interoperate with other Clear-Com intercom systems through four-wire and two-wire connections, offering superior interoperability capability. Through the system’s inherent advanced technologies, including patented Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and proprietary Redundant Data Transmission, the Tempest2400 wireless intercom system maintains a robust, reliable RF link even in the presence of several other wireless devices utilizing the same frequency band. Its unique RF architecture allows the system to co-exist alongside Wi-Fi networks with little interference, while an extremely high audio dynamics range (>94dB) enables it to function exceptionally well in high-noise environments.

Both Tempest and the Hybrid Network give broadcasters unprecedented access to communications, no matter where the story takes them, allowing for new, highly efficient production workflows.

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