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– Social distancing and zoned production create need for increased use of IP-based intercom solutions –

Clear-Com® is a sponsor for MIX Magazine’s seventh annual MIX Sound for Film & TV, a two-day exhibition and conference highlighting the technologies involved in sound for picture. On September 25 – 26, viewers can tune into the entirely virtual event, which will feature live demos, networking, an expo hall, keynote speakers, expert panel discussions and more. Clear-Com’s sponsored expert panel discussion will be presented on Friday, September 25 at 11 a.m. PST and features Brent Marchesnki of MasterChef Canada, Peter Schneider from Gotham Sound, Gerry Formicola of Second City Sound, and renowned sound mixer Richard Lightstone.

In this discussion, the panelists will talk about the mission-critical role that comms play in today’s productions which require social distancing and different zones or pods for each team. While comms systems have traditionally been used primarily by the camera operators and DP, with the new norms of socially distanced and zoned media production, more of the production team members are working remotely or at a greater distance than ever before. In this situation, a flexible, IP-based full-duplex intercom system can be a mission-critical tool in keeping all the team’s members communicating to the right people, at the right time, while maintaining social distance.

Join us and our panel of experts for real-world examples of communications solutions in use today and to learn how film, TV and commercial production have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, what new guidelines are now in place to protect cast and crew on the set and how full-duplex IP-based intercom solutions keep local and remote crew members connected and collaborating, while maintaining a safe distance.

For a brief introduction to the content that will be covered in the panel, watch this short video on the role of comms in zoned media production.

When the expo hall goes live, do not forget to check out our booth!

Registration for MIX Sound for Film & TV closes at 5 p.m. PDT, September 24. You can register here:


Panelist Bios:

Brent Marchesnki

Brent Marchenski is a 36-year film and television audio/video veteran, beginning his career in Toronto and then moving to Vancouver to work with Shari Lewis on her Emmy award-winning Kid’s show “Lamb Chops Play Along”. In 2012 Brent moved back to Toronto and holds residency in both cities now. While in Vancouver, Brent joined the Brother and Sisterhood of IATSE as a Sound Mixer in Local 891. Starting as an A1, Brent worked on Variety Shows, Sit Coms, and Sports (NBL, NFL) Productions before moving into a Technical Producer/Technical Director role. Brent and his Team specialize in large multi-cam productions that incorporate a comprehensive video and audio/communications set up. Brent and his Team have worked on such shows as Canada’s Next Top Model, MasterChef Canada, The Great Canadian Bake Off, and Bachelor Canada.

Peter Schneider

Peter Schneider is a founder and co-owner of Gotham Sound which provides audio and communications equipment for broadcast, major motion picture, and independent media producers throughout the United States. He is also an adjunct professor in the graduate department at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and a decorated IATSE Local 52 production sound mixer, earning a Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel for his work on Third Watch and a Cinema Audio Society Award for his work on The Sopranos.

Richard Lightstone

Richard Lightstone CAS, AMPS began his career in film sound mixing in Montreal, Canada. Receiving four Genie nominations from the Academy of Canadian Cinema, Why Shoot the Teacher, The Third Walker, Meatballs and Draw. Mr. Lightstone relocated to Los Angeles in 1983.

Richard served as the President of the Cinema Audio Society (2003 – 2006) after nineteen years on the board of directors. Mr. Lightstone is a former board member of IATSE Local 695 and co-editor of Local 695’s Production Sound & Video magazine.


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