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Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand, debuts a range of new V-Series panels for the industry-leading Eclipse Digital Matrix intercom systems. The new 12 and 24 key panels feature unparalleled audio digital signal processing (DSP), audio clarity and intuitive operator ease of use.

The new Eclipse V-Series panels include pushbutton and lever key variants and a range of full display extension panels. Panel keys offer individual mix level control, allowing users to set personal audio levels to suit individual workflows.

Clear-Com’s V-Series panels are the first in the industry to provide 10-character graphic displays. The new displays provide greater flexibility in the naming of sources and destinations, and offer multi-language capabilities to support a variety of international fonts, including Kanji and Katakana.

DSP audio incorporates advantages like Internal Audio Routing, EQ, improved audio control (such as mic limiting and automatic gain), as well as intelligent dimming and sidetone.

The new Supervisor Functionality feature allows a central user to remotely control any panel in the system and configure it in parallel control with the local user. This allows the supervisor to listen to the same audio as the user to help make complex level adjustments.

Yet another revolutionary V-Series panels feature is Clear-Com’s “Listen Again” technology that employs digital audio memory to allow the user to replay the last 10 seconds of communications, aiding clarity in noisy and demanding environments. This benefits occupied users who no longer need to repeat commands.

V-Series Panels are available through local distributors or the Clear-Com sales office.

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