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French broadcaster purchases intercom software to connect staff at Paris headquarters

CAMBRIDGE, UK/MALAKOFF, FRANCE, 2 NOVEMBER, 2009—Clear-Com® Communication Systems, a Vitec Group brand, has sold Réseau France Outre-mer (RFO) on its groundbreaking IP-based intercom software, Clear-Com Concert™ Version 2.0.  The prominent network of radio and television stations was impressed with Concert’s ability to offer a cost-effective, high-quality means of facilitating staff communications at its headquarters, located in the Parisian suburb of Malakoff.  The network has also purchased a 96-port Clear-Com Eclipse® Omega digital matrix intercom system and 39 V-Series panels, along with 12 FreeSpeak® Integra digital wireless beltpacks.

RFO installed the Concert software in the editing suites at its headquarters. The system enables editors working in the suites to connect with other staff in the building – they only need to log on to the Concert software from a laptop or desktop computer to communicate with their colleagues using the Eclipse Omega digital matrix system.  Concert’s ability to connect to Eclipse is enabled by I.V.Core, Clear-Com’s revolutionary IP technology for intercoms.

“RFO had already experienced success with Clear-Com, with some equipment previously installed at the Réunion [overseas TV and radio] location, so we thought it might be interested in Concert as well.  We demonstrated how the Concert software, in conjunction with other Clear-Com products, would address the latency issue and other challenges.  The network station was very impressed and sold on the solution,” says Jean-Philippe Blanchard, Director of the Broadcast Division for Audiopole, Clear-Com’s distributor in France, and the systems integrator on the project

According to Blanchard, integrating the Concert software with the Eclipse, V-Series and FreeSpeak was a seamless process for RFO. The company was also amazed by the ease with which the Clear-Com products could not only be integrated with one another, but with other broadcast equipment as well.

“We’re delighted about RFO’s use of Concert, as it reinforces for us the tremendous demand for this type of solution in today’s marketplace,” says Oscar Mezquita, Senior Regional Sales Manager for Clear-Com.  “Concert is just one of the ways Clear-Com is using IP for intercoms to make it possible for RFO and other broadcasters to extend their communications access to a much broader set of users.  We’re proud to be at the forefront of such innovation.”

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