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Unmanned Systems Group Trusts Clear-Com for Critical Operations


Staff Members Use Eclipse-PiCo Matrix and Tempest®2400 Wireless Systems to Maintain Contact during Launch and Pilot Demonstrations

Unmanned Systems Group (UMS), a new supplier of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), has purchased Clear-Com® intercom systems for its launch and pilot demonstrations. With Clear-Com’s Eclipse-PiCo Digital Matrix System and Tempest®2400 Digital Wireless Intercom System, the operations crew is now able to efficiently coordinate the launch and piloting of the aircraft whether they are at the ground control station (GCS) or on the runway. With each future aircraft that it supplies, UMS also plans to provide customers with the same systems for their operations.

“The operation of UMS’ RPAS requires precise collaboration between operations personnel,” says David Cummins, Unmanned Systems Group Flight Operations Manager. “Due to the clear sound, flexibility and many intercom options of the Clear-Com solution, our staff members have highly intelligible and reliable communications to ensure safety and accuracy.

“We selected the Clear-Com equipment for its multi-user capabilities. Now, the pilots have many separate channels for private conversations with the sensor operator or the crew chief, or both simultaneously. At any given time, they can select the people they want to speak with while simultaneously transmitting on the two-way radio. Due to the ease of setup and use of the systems, our team can access communications quickly and don’t have to waste time reprogramming a radio or a box to do it.”

The company plans to install the Eclipse system with V-Series panels in the GCS for demonstrations. The Tempest2400 wireless BeltStations will be used by members on the runway for launching and piloting the aircraft. Both the Eclipse matrix and Tempest systems are linked to the two-way radios in air traffic control, allowing all users on the system to intercommunicate. For example, the launch pilot can speak during the plane’s handover to the pilot responsible for controlling it when airborne. Not only can those in air traffic control and ground control stay connected, but both sets of users can also communicate with the aircraft’s camera operator as well as with the pre-flight engineer who supervises the aircraft.

“Clear-Com intercom solutions have been deployed globally for communications within unmanned applications and other MAG operations,” says Dan Muchmore, Sales Director of Military, Aerospace and Government for EMEA, Clear-Com. “Our extensive experience in this sector and expertise in intercom systems have awarded us numerous contracts in many different countries. We are thrilled that Unmanned Systems Group chose our intercom solutions to help showcase its entry into the market for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.”

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