A Growing Demand for Intercom-on-Demand


Recently we are seeing a growing need for “intercom on demand”, our shorthand term for the ability to supply an intercom infrastructure to a production team, from afar, for a temporary need. This situation might arise when a production agency needs comms for a commercial shoot, or when the broadcast production of a live event suddenly needs to happen with many of the production team working from home. In one instance, a hospital required secure intercom for their doctors working in isolation wards, with the caveat that they needed it implemented quickly and without the installation of hardware onsite. In all cases, the need was for a solution that could be deployed rapidly and without large amounts of physical hardware in a particular location.

IP-based intercom is ideally suited to this use case, and Clear-Com’s offering includes a broad range of scalable IP solutions. From a relatively simple system of several Agent-IC licenses connected to an LQ interface, to a more complex system that combines Agent-IC and IP-connected V-Series panels as endpoints connected to an Eclipse frame, Clear-Com’s flexible IP solutions are uniquely suited to these communications endpoints, the most common of which are digital phone systems.

All of this is to underscore the business potential that this could offer you as a member of Clear-Com’s Global Rental Group. By leveraging your existing infrastructure of Eclipse and/or LQ you are in a position to offer this new ad-hoc intercom service paradigm to users who require it for activities which once may have been in-person, and now have shifted to decentralized or virtual activities. And this change in how people consume intercom may not be contained to the current pandemic; while we don’t expect that people will move entirely away from traditional rental needs, we may see a fundamental shift in people wanting to be able to retain some of the flexibility inherent to Intercom-on-Demand. Positioned correctly, this could be a valuable addition to your rental offering for years to come.

Variety Magazine
Source: Variety Magazine

Diagram A: A Simple LQ + a few Agent-IC licenses to a video crew shooting a commercial

Diagram B: Complex system based loosely on NFL Draft but with more “normal” scenario

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