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Application Notes #1101


APPLICATION: How do 40 wireless intercom users work in congested RF environments and tour the world?

PRODUCT MUST: Work in congested UHF and Wi-Fi environments, be easy to manage, interface easily with wired intercom, support large numbers of users, be easy to set up, and be extremely dependable.

SOLUTION: Clear-Com’s Tempest Digital Wireless System

Tempest Digital Wireless can support large numbers of wireless users, AND free-up UHF spectrum as it works in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. The tour for Lady GAGA currently uses 40 wireless beltpacks (all Tempest) in some of the most challenging RF environments worldwide. 8 base stations (each with 5 full-duplex beltpacks) are routed to an antenna combiner. Three antennas cover large, 20,000+ seat venues.

Tempest2400 Digital Wireless System

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