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Application Notes #1103


APPLICATION: A corporate events staging company needs a mobile intercom system with both wired and wireless capability for use in venues that range in size from 300 to 1,000 seats.

PRODUCT MUST: The wired component must provide two channels (Production and Lighting) of intercom to two stations and six beltpacks. The wireless component must provide two channels (as above) to four wireless users, and be out of the lower UHF spectrum. The system must be plug-and-play with minimum setup time and no interference with DMX show control. The systems must have low latency and an excellent null between the wired and wireless components.

SOLUTION: Clear-Com’s Encore Partyline Intercom and HME DX210 Wireless Intercom.

Clear-Com Encore Partyline Systems offer unsurpassed 2-wire group communication capabilities. This platform offers an intuitive plug-and-play design and superior audio clarity with the embedded “Clear-Com Sound”.

The HME DX210 Digital Wireless Intercom offers the perfect blend of 2-channel wireless intercom performance, system compatibility with wired intercom systems and ease of use. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the HME DX210 delivers exceptional sound clarity and enables interference-free communication for highly demanding productions.

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