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Build a Footswitch for a PTT Pedal to Use with a V-Series Panel


See notes in the Eclipse matrix V-Series user panel manual in section 4-10.

Above is the female DB-25 on the back of the V-Series panel.



Get a DB-25 Male connector to connect to the V-Series panel’s DB-25 female. See the pinout above and the description below.

Jump pins 9 and 10 together.
Connect pins 21 and 22 to the (+) and (-) legs of the switch.
In ECS, highlight the port with the V-Series panel you wish to control with the footswitch. In the LOGIC INPUTS category, change the LOGIC INPUT 1’s function from “NO FUNCTION” to “PTT: Activate all Talk keys”.
Apply the changes from ECS to the matrix. Now, on the V-Series panel, activate all talk keys you’d like to be speaking on. When you push down on the footswitch, the MIC ON light will come on, activating the microphone. When not pressed, even though the talk paths are open, the mic is not passing audio. It will only pass the mic’s audio when the footswitch is engaged.

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