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Can You Use a Bluetooth Headset with Intercom?


Yes, you can thanks to a company called JK Audio, based in Illinois.

Introducing the BlueSet™ series of intercom headset adaptors, using Bluetooth Wireless Technology. You can stay connected to your personal Bluetooth ear-set by pairing the BlueSet to your device. Just plug the BlueSet  into a beltpack or an intercom panel’s headset jack and off you go. It’s a great find for those who want their headset to be wire-free!

What’s also cool about it is that you can also pair the BlueSet to your cell phone and use that to connect your partyline channel to the phone call. Kind of like a bluetooth telephone hybrid! Very cool indeed!

Keep in mind, though, that Bluetooth has limited audio quality. However, in many applications, this is just what the Comms Doctor ordered!

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