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IP Connected Multi-site Facility with Matrix and Partyline

February 12, 2019

Large companies with remote locations looking to provide their employees with real-time corporate communications need IP solutions. With program feeds coming from remote sites as well as the main studio, corporate teams must function like broadcast news and communicate like... Read more
Tags : Analog Partyline, Corporate, DX Series, DX410Eclipse HX, Encore Partyline, IP, LQ Series, Matrix, Theme Park, Wireless

Mid-Size Church with Matrix, Wireless and Partyline

February 21, 2018

Live productions in churches need well-timed communication capabilities - specifically with moving talent and multiple mobile cameras.   How it Works   A digital matrix frame connects to panels, wireless and wired devices through multiple ports. The network supports 4-wire... Read more
Tags : Digital Partyline, DX Series, DX410Eclipse HX, HelixNet, House of Worship, Live Performance, Matrix, Wireless, Wireless IFB
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