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Intercoms and Talkbacks

May 15, 2013

David Kirk in InBroadcast informs us, "Intercoms and talkbacks are among the most important elements of any studio activity, converting disparate members of a production crew into a single team."  Learn about the latest developments in these categories by Audio... Read more
Tags : Hybrid NetworkMatrix, Wired

Sophisticated Intercoms Create Distinctive Production Experience

July 25, 2012

Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median digital matrix, ICS-92 and V-Series user control panels, CellCom Integra wireless beltpacks and HME Pro850 wireless systems ensure reliable and simplified communications as well as facilitate expansive and agile coordination for the production team of Hell’s Kitchen, a crowdpleasing reality television show featured on the FOX... Read more
Tags : Application Notes, Hybrid NetworkMatrix, Wireless, Wired
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