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What Does Clear-Com Have to Do with Biscuits?

August 30, 2011

  Photo Credit: This question is in reference to Clear-Com’s legacy and newer speaker stations, such as the KB-701 and KB-702, which have the letters “KB”. The initials refer to "King Biscuit". To most of us, a biscuit is a flaky piece of bread or... Read more
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Critical Communications in the Hospital

July 26, 2011

Photo Credit: In the mid-1980s, hospitals started requesting Clear-Com equipment. They surely did not have a television station or a live concert performing in the facility. Why did they need Clear-Com? Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners are used to noninvasively scan the body... Read more
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WINK, We’re in Broadcast

July 12, 2011

Photo Credit: In the late 1970s, WINK TV called Ed Fitzgerald, currently Clear-Com’s Director of Customer Satisfaction, because they wanted to purchase and install Clear-Com’s intercom systems. Ed remembers that was the first time that Clear-Com had ever received a call from... Read more
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Historical Fact: Camel Races Need Clear-Com

May 31, 2011

Photo Credit: Over 15 years ago, Emil Matignon, one of Clear-Com’s application engineers, had the opportunity to advise a camel race venue in Australia on how to utilize Clear-Com’s RS-501 beltpacks, CC-85 headsets, and PS-232 power supply. When the camels cross the finish line,... Read more
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