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Centralized Communications for Video Assistant Referee (VAR)


In recent years over multiple sports, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system has worked extremely well when validating or reversing calls made on the field of play. Anyone associated with a competitive sport is interested in ensuring that the right calls are made during the course a game. Especially when the outcomes of those games can be affected by a referee’s judgment call.

How It Works

At a centralized location for a given league, Replay Control houses an Eclipse matrix frame with replay officials on V-Series panels. When a play needs to be reviewed, a WAN connection from Replay Control is established with the venue where the game is being played. Referees on HelixNet digital partyline channels make a decision on a given play with assistance from Replay Control. The decision is eventually shared with the Broadcast team the correct or validated call is announced to viewers, listeners and fans in attendance.

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