Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Installation Video 4 of 4 (Instructional)


(Please be sure to watch video 3 first, links found below) Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II digital wireless solution operates in the 1.897-1.933GHz and 2.4GHz. Ideal for mid to large-scale applications, FreeSpeak II maintains a strong and continuous wireless connection across an expansive coverage area while providing crystal-clear digital audio experience. Up to 25 beltpacks (maximum in good conditions) can be used in the same contiguous RF space on the base station. This series of videos will take you through the easy steps to installing FreeSpeak II. Video 1: FreeSpeak II System Overview ( Video 2: Five Things to Know Before a Site Survey ( Video 3: Conducting a Site Survey ( Video 4: System Installation Tutorial ( Note: All the information in this video applies to the new FreeSpeak II-Base2 unit, but some might be applicable to FreeSpeak II-Base.

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