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Clear-Com: Together We Can (Video)


At every moment of the day, our intercom systems make a difference by bringing people together. We’re not only there for the production community, but also for those that need help the most. Over the years, we’ve supported numerous non-profit organizations by providing them with our communication systems. 

At Kiowa County, we’ve helped restore hope to thousands of people that were devastated by the EF5 tornado. They lost their homes, their community, and communication infrastructure. With our help, they were able to revive their sense of community and get their productions up and running again at their new media center and HD Production Truck. 

We’ve also helped enhance the lives of children and adults with special needs. By supporting stage productions at Angels on Stage, we’ve empowered individuals to learn new skills and challenged them to reach new heights. 

In addition, we’ve partnered with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus to challenge high school students around the world in production artistry. By equipping them with professional intercom systems, we’ve helped students realize their potential and talent in live production settings. 

Our experience in supporting the production community and those in need have shown us that, together we can achieve more and make lives better. So, join us today in making a difference.

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