Application Diagram

College Stadium Control Room and Fly-Pack with Matrix, Partyline, Wireless, Signal Transport


Many college campuses may have a Control room at a stadium, but will utilize Fly-Packs to remote to other fields or arenas and cover additional sports. The Fly-Pack uses a fiber run to tie back to the main Control room for broadcast functionality.


How it works

A game at the main stadium has a Matrix as a hub for staff on Panels, and connects Cameras with digital partyline beltpacks. Announcers use an analog console with intercom, IFB and Mute. The Fly-Pack uses the same equipment, but leverages the production staff in the Control room. A wireless system is deployed as necessary.


Application Notes

An Eclipse PiCo ties production staff on i-panels in the control room to field staff on HelixNet beltpacks. The Fly-Pack uses a MUX-22 to deliver audio/video back to the control room over fiber. In both scenarios, AB-102 Announcer box is used for sideline commentary.


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