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Communication Types: Simplex vs Duplex


There are many different ways of communicating, but what exactly do the terms Simplex and Duplex mean? Here’s a brief rundown of what these terms mean.

Simplex Transmission
In Simplex Transmission, data flows only in one direction – from the sending device to the receiving device. Simplex Transmission is used only when the sending device does not require a response from the receiving device. 

Example: A microphone to a loudspeaker

 Half-Duplex Communication
 Half-duplex communication allows two-way conversations, one-way at a time, such that one person cannot interrupt the other. 
 Example: A walkie-talkie

Full-Duplex Communication
Full-duplex describes bi-directional communications all the time. Regular communications between individuals conversing face to face is full-duplex. In other words, you can talk and listen simultaneously. Full-duplex communication allows simultaneous two-way conversations where one person can interrupt the other.

Example: Two people having a conversation.

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