Installing and removing an E-IPA-HX or E-Que card.

To install a card:

  1. Carefully place the card in the appropriate slot. Make sure the card is aligned with the top and bottom precision guides.
  2. Push the card toward the backplane connectors.
  3. When the card has almost reached the backplane connectors, open the two ejector tabs, allowing them to clear the edges of the matrix. Gently insert the card further until it touches the backplane connector guides.
  4. Gently close both ejector tabs at the same time, to propel the card into the backplane connectors.

To remove a card from the matrix

  1. Hold the card in place in the matrix.
  2. The two card ejector tabs are located at the top and bottom of the card. To remove a card, open the two ejector tabs at the same time until the card unseats from its backplane connectors.
  3. Pull the card out of the matrix.