Application Diagram

Game Day with Digital Partyline and Wireless


At sports stadiums all over the world, there is an expectation that the entertainment in the building is equal to the game itself. The carefully coordinated fan experience can start with an aircraft flyover and continue with giant video screen games and crowd shots – all interlaced with the action on the field.


How it Works

Digital partyline connects staff on wireless/wired beltpacks throughout the stadium. For example, Control easily can direct mobile field cameras and field talent to a specific section for fan promotion – all while video board operators manage game stats and video feed of the section promotion.


Application Notes

The HelixNet digital partyline uses a LAN to carry communication over network switches to individual HXII-BP beltpacks. Over a 4-wire connection, additional mobile staff can move with wireless BP-410 beltpacks connected to DX-410 base station.


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