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HME DX210 Review (Video)


Richelle Thompson also gives a very thorough product review of the Clear-Com HME DX210 on Theatreface.

Here are some excerpts:

-“downloaded a PDF from Clear-Com, getting the packs “Registered” – or assigned frequencies and ready to use, was quite literally a simple “push of a button””

-“I was also impressed that the base station can handle up to 16 hands free units in “full duplex mode.”

-“I am in love with the all-in-one unit. Not only does it take away the problem of two components per stage op, it also gets rid of that pesky cable that fly ops like to accidentally yank and/or break and/or pull right out of the pack. I don’t know how many times I’ve had some poor crew guy or girl come up to me with a destroyed headset cable in hand afraid I’m going to yell at him/her. (I don’t yell – though I have been known to whine a little.) This unit knocks that problem right out of the ballpark.”

Read the full article here: Clear-Com HME DX210 Wireless Headset System

Watch a video about our HME DX210 system as well:

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