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I Spy Clear-Com (Part I)


Where has Clear-Com been installed around the world? Check out some of our installations from 2007. Don’t these places simply look grand? Here are four of my favorite:


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The Muziektheater is the most important opera and ballet venue in the Netherlands. The Muziektheater (The Music Theater) is home of The Dutch Opera, The National Ballet, and the Holland Symphony. Don’t you wish you could visit?

Read the full story: The Netherlands Opera & DutchNational Ballet Go Digital with Clear-Com® FreeSpeak®

The Royal Theatre in Spain receives magnificent musical and opera productions from all over the world. Its original hexagonal design was created by the architect Antonio López Aguado. What a beauty! This exceptional theatre uses Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak and Partyline systems.

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With a total cost of £420m, the National Opera House in Norway won an international competition for its design and was opened by King Harold of Norway in April 2008. The opera house has approximately 1,000 rooms and is the workplace for over 600 people!

Read the full story: Norway’s New National Opera House, Oslo, Chooses Clear-Com’s Eclipse Omega and FreeSpeak® 50 Intercoms

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With over fifty years of broadcasting, Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, S.A., (RTP) is Portugal’s public service broadcasting organization with four television channels and three national radio channels, as well as several satellite and cable offerings.

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